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Adam Smasher Main Antagonist of Cyberpunk

Adam Smasher is the main rival of Cyberpunk 2077. Cyberpunk is an action and adventurous role-playing game. Adam Smasher is the fusion of man and machine and is used to represent the Human-Tech Fusion present in the future. Cyberpunk is a slang that is used to show the interaction between humans and computers. Adam Smasher believes in the concept of survival of the strongest.

Who is Adam Smasher

Adam Smasher was born in New York where he grew up and became the leader of his gang. His gang was broken by the army and the only survivor was Adam Smasher from his gang. After years of survival and services provided, many were fired from the navy where Adam learned.

Who is Adam Smasher

After learning this, he was expelled from the military and he returned to his hometown, New York, and became a mercenary. Adam Smasher’s brutish and sadistic personality attracted attention with a well-paid job that was enough to keep him full of weapons, drugs, and women. He was hired by the Arasaka, the corporation that operates to steal a prototype gizmo from the competition.

Personality of Adam Smasher Cyberpunk

Adam Smasher Edgerunners is known for his brutish and sadistic personality lacking any humanity. He believes in the survival of the strong and the diminishing of the weak. The military was joined by Adam Smasher so that he could kill as many people as possible. He enjoyed and had great joy in murdering countless people. Adam Smasher was also obsessed with various advanced weapons and the army. He was seeking the best weapons to use to deal great damage that is to kill the people easily and harm them completely.

Adam Smasher Cyberpunk considered Morgan Blackhand his enemy not because they both did similar jobs but because Morgan Blackhand tried to solve situations very peacefully without doing any violence. Morgan Blackhand used rubber bullets to punish people to avoid killing which used to affect Adam Smasher a lot.

Appearance of Adam Smasher

Adam Smasher Cyberpunk, after transforming into a full Borg became a large bulky and monstrosity. He resembled a humanoid tank with big shoulders, a thin waist, and a looming stature. He used to wear a NovelTech Samson which made him look slightly more like a human. He used to attach weapons around his body such as a missile launcher, retractable arm canon, and a Militach Mk.31 HMG around his shoulder. He barely looks like a human except for his upper head which resembles a bald man while his eyes have been replaced by Red Optical Mod.

Adam Smasher Edgerunners was dating Michiko Arasaka and he donned an R.M.C Gemini System which allowed him to change his body to that of any human and hide his nature of a full borg. He is resistant to chemical change and has enormous firepower.

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Adam Smasher Edgerunners Potential

Adam Smasher Edgerunner’s entire body is made up of cyberware, except his brain. He has gone through his full body transformation to go for modification. He had used NovelTech Samson to hide his full body which was designed to protect him from hazardous environments and dangerous work. Adam Smasher Edgerunners NevelTech Samson has been modified to make it more suitable for combat. The features that the frame have been heavily modified with enhanced durability, enhanced strength, extrasensory perception, and speed enhancement.

Adam Smasher’s firearm was an Mk.31 HMG developed by Militech International Armaments which specialized in private military contracting and development of the weapons.

Adam Smasher Fanart

Adam Smasher has become the epitome of a cyberpunk world that is utterly psychotic, lethal, cyberized, and lacks humanity. Apart from being an evil character, he has a separate fanbase. Fans of Adam Smasher hope to update Cyberpunk 2077 fitting with his terrifying reputation. Adam Smasher having a different level of fanbase will normally have fanarts. There are several Adam Smasher Fanarts present on the internet which are being uploaded by the drawn and posted by the fans to show their interest and love for Adam Smasher.

Also, there are a few fans who believe Adam Smasher though being an evil character follows rules and laws accordingly and does not break any rules. Adam Smasher fans love the dystopian science fiction multimedia franchise Cyberpunk. The Adam Smasher fanart also shows the hope and expectations they are having from Cyberpunk 2077.

Adam Smasher or Atom Smasher

Adam Smasher is nicknamed Atom Smasher based on the particle accelerator. Atom smasher black Adam marked the live-action debut of the justice society of The United States of America. Atom Smasher is the last most interesting character as he has a long and troubled history. The atom smasher engineered the death of the villain Extant to save his mother’s life. Atom Smasher and Black Adam worked together to kill Kobra and Khandaq. Adam Smasher used various cybernetics throughout his life.

The atom smasher black Adam is known for his power of growth and super strength. Black Adam says that Atom Smasher is the brother he never had in his life. Atom Smasher is encouraged by Adam Smasher and is further frustrated with the JSA’s moral boundaries.

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Strong Adam Smasher: Cyberpunk

Adam Smasher is a recurring villain in the universe who killed many of the Night City’s most legendary figures. After having his entire body replaced by cyberwar he is more like a machine than a man and increasingly dreadful.

Weakness of Adam Smasher

Despite having his entire body replaced by cyberware, he has a weak spot when fighting him. The weakness he has is that his cybernetic heart is found on the right side. To attack Adam Smasher it is recommended to use a tech weapon to break through his armor and attack him on the right side.

Wrapping the final thoughts

Adam Smasher is a towering cyborg with little or no humanity and empathy for any person. He believes that the strong person is the only survivor and the weaker one diminishes. He has joined the Navy to kill people as many as possible and takes great joy and entertainment in doing so. His whole body is replaced by the cyberware except his head and weapons are attached in his body making him more and more powerful.

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