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Whenever it comes to the transportation of goods, there are three major ways used worldwide, shipping Cargo, Air Cargo, and Rail cargo. Though all of them are being used for a long time and each one has its own specialties, however today we’re gonna talk about both sides i.e. the good and the bad of the most ancient method of goods transport, “the Ocean Freight.”

Long before, when planes and trains never existed, the only method of trading was the sea. Shipping has been used for over centuries and till now, most people prefer this method due to many reasons. However, apart from being the most ancient and trusty technique, several drawbacks also exist, and we’re gonna put light on these disadvantages along with the advantages so that you can make your decision of choosing it without any confusion, so let’s begin:



Regardless of the size and number of your goods, the ocean freight offered by all the shipping companies is comparatively cheap and affordable. The prices of shipping cargo in every country are quite reasonable as compared to the other means.


You may know that rails and airplanes consume a high quantity of fuel thus leaving really large carbon footprints behind which is not good for the environment at all. However, shipping freight does not show this behavior and is quite eco-friendly due to the fact that it uses far less amount of fuel as compared to the latter.

Suitable for Bulky Things

While planes and trains are not strong enough to carry the load of really heavy things like that of big and bulky machinery, shipping on the other hand is quite opposite. It can carry the bulkiest and biggest goods like cranes and even planes.

Low Maintenance-Cost

Another reason why the cost of shipping is lesser than any other method is that the maintenance of water transport is not much expensive and does not put a heavy load on the client’s pocket. While on the other hand, the maintenance cost of both air and road is quite expensive.

Safe and Secure

As ships are designed to carry heavy and dangerous cargo, therefore every aspect of it has been taken care of with great security. It has been made sure that all the goods are secured and well-protected so that no disaster can occur. This sense of security again makes shipping the best choice for transportation.

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Not a Good Speed Rate

Apart from all the advantages, it offers you, one of the biggest drawbacks of transportation via sea is that it can take weeks or even months to deliver your cargo to its destination, this is because the speed of shipping is not good enough.

Goods are Difficult to Track

While you can keep the track of your cargo when transporting via road or air, the ships on the other and do not offer this comfort. Once loaded, you can never track your goods so you never know when they will arrive or whether if they are in good condition or not. This is one of the major reasons why most traders hesitate to transport via ocean.

Risks Involve

As your cargo is traveling in water, so there is a big risk of natural disasters involved. You can never be sure if your cargo will arrive in one piece because the weather of the ocean keeps changing every minute. And don’t forget that the sea is full of pirates who can take all your goods in their possession.

So after going through all the benefits and drawbacks of shipping, we hope that you are now able to make your decision whether you should or should go for the ocean freight. Click here to get access to the cleanest, affordable, transparent and most efficient platform for shipping.

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