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YouTube is a video-sharing website that first launched in 2005. It has grown in popularity to the point where everyone from students to housewives uses it to produce, share, and watch videos. People are now working full-time on the website, creating and sharing useful content. People can make money on YouTube by watching videos and clicking on advertising.

Here are some of YouTube’s benefits and drawbacks.

Advantages of YouTube

#1 Free

YouTube provides you with a free platform to experiment with or establish a business. It is the video that must be original and innovative in order for you to stand out. Startups also gain access to a platform for promoting their products without having to increase their initial investment. If you have any money to invest in a global marketing campaign, YouTube has offered YouTube a premium, which is a paid subscription. The ability to access YouTube Music Premium is another benefit of YouTube Premium.

#2 Easy

YouTube is also accessible to those who are computer illiterate. Tutorials can also assist in the development of a deeper comprehension of this social media platform. YouTube makes it possible for small enterprises to build a brand. This platform enables us to connect with a large number of people at once and at a faster rate. Videos, music files, drawings, and animated clips of any kind can be posted. You can also interact with your audience by inviting them to share their thoughts. The good news is that it does not require any specific training or courses to use. Easy rating, privacy, quick feedback, and quick accessibility are among the other characteristics.

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#3 Learning Enhancement

YouTube can be utilized by students as a learning medium. These films can be used by students who like to work with visual components. Professors from all across the world post videos on YouTube on their research. As a result, many videos of the same course are available on YouTube, allowing students to select the one that is most appropriate for them.

YouTube videos for specific difficulties include step-by-step instructions that make them simple to comprehend.

#4 Cost-cutting

YouTube is a completely free service. It does not require any form of purchase or subscription (Unless it is a Premium version). In fact, a Google account isn’t required at all. As a result, students can take advantage of this opportunity to study without having to worry about costs.


What can one expect if he or she can make money through entertainment, art, or marketing? You can earn money by collaborating with YouTube’s Google AdSense account. However, you must have a YouTube profile before you can create an account. Selling digital products, sponsorships, merch and products, affiliate links, and many other options are available through YouTube.

Disadvantages of YouTube

#1 Misinformation

As previously stated, you do not need to create an account to upload or watch videos. In other words, it’s a public social media desk that’s open to the public. This now presents a copyright and privacy issue. In a way, YouTube tries to govern in terms of optimization by establishing a number of rules that should be observed while using it. However, there is a potential that bogus, misleading content will be submitted, leading to misrepresentation.

#2 Issues with copyright

YouTube uses this protection strategy to secure exclusive material using a variety of automated procedures. These policies promote corporations in their pursuit of financial gain. YouTube uses its matching policy as a warning when content matches previously published data. It deletes the content without warning after four successful complaints.

#3 Access to the Internet

An internet connection is required for YouTube schooling. If you don’t have access to the internet, you won’t be able to access the YouTube learning materials. Furthermore, watching videos for an extended period of time might consume a substantial quantity of cellular data. Not all pupils will be able to afford such a large amount of information.

#4 Regulations and Rules

On YouTube, there are a number of restrictions and regulations that must be followed, which can occasionally limit a creator’s creative expression.

#5 Advertisements

Because YouTube is a free platform, the only way for users to generate money is to display advertisements. Students may come across a variety of advertising when surfing YouTube, which may or may not be appealing to them. Even some adverts are so long that there isn’t a way to skip them. Furthermore, not all of the adverts displayed are relevant to the content.

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