Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

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Antoine Griezmann, 28-year-old forward of Barcelona has recently tweeted one of his FM saves with some devastating news for his France teammate, Alexandre Lacazette, Arsenal’s striker. The save that was posted on Wednesday shows Griezmann’s Arsenal line-up in the season of 2023-2024. Lacazette noticed that he was not in the team asking his peer about where he was. The striker’s absence was not the only change that the team had to undergo.

Griezmann, a well-known passionate gamer and a fan of Football Manager games molded his own Arsenal squad by selling all of the players and replacing them with his personal favorites. For instance, Barcelona’s forward sold Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette in order to buy Brian Brobbey, 17-year-old prodigy. Griezmann even put a heart emoji next to his name which might have been even more heartbreaking for Lacazette. When answering Lacazette’s question, Griezmann confessed that he signed the deal with Huddersfield selling his countryman for £23.5million. His main excuse was a shortage of money. At least he promised Lacazette to build him a statue outside Emirates Stadium.

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Surprisingly enough Griezmann manager skills seem to be not bad at all. It can be seen from the way he managed to assemble a fierce defense line featuring such players as:

  • Raphaël Varane,
  • Andrew Robertson,
  • Matthijs de Ligt.


A self-made manager also bought a twenty-year-old Dutch player, de Jong in order to keep guard on the midfield area. The attacking position was given to a 19-year-old Portuguese striker, Joao Felix. Shortly after the screenshot was posted, football fans started jokingly asking Griezmann to consider moving to some English team. Remember that you can follow Griezmann whenever he goes in the 1xBet live stream football section, you can follow multiple leagues, cups, and even virtual sports.

Griezmann’s move to England seems almost impossible as the forward has recently signed with Barcelona leaving Atletico Madrid. This transfer move caused quite a stir. After having signed the contract with Barcelona, Atletico accused Griezmann of intentionally causing them financial losses. Even though the player still moved to Barcelona, he lost a lot of fans who had been supporting him.

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