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The young stars Landon Barker and Charlie D’Amelio separated after staying engaged for a year. Barker who is 20 years old and he is a product of pop superstar Travis Barker posted a breakup message on social media to tell everyone why. Barker and DAmelio had a relationship for long than one year. From time to time, the D’Amelia started thinking they were going out in June 2022 when Barker’s concert. 


Catching up with them for dinner was add-sprit with brainstorming. The ever-increasing planning for occasions together, they posted tons of their pictures on social media. 

About Landon Barker: Bio

Landon Barker, whose birth title was Landon Asher Barker, was a regarded youthful rapper, artist, and social media influencer in America. His most dazzling highlight is that his father Travis Barker is very an enormous title within the shake and punk music trade. The participation of Steven’s close relatives in the very popular TV show “Meet the Barkers on MTV” gave him a considerable boost to his recognition.

Barker’s parents are well-known. Shanna Moakler, reigning Miss USA, is also his mother while the father is none other than rockstar Travis Barker of the famous band Blink 182. Barker manages a great YouTube following on Instagram and TikTok. He uploads videos and images featuring him with many different hairstyles & outfits.

Beginning Of Landon Barker Career

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Landon Barker is perhaps known for being the son of the revered rocker/punk musician as well. Getting into a popular MTV TV show called “Meet the Barkers” made his family famous. Barker’s parents are well-known. His mother, who is a model as well as a Miss USA 2001 winner, Shanna Moakler, and his father who makes up the band Blink 182 with her musician husband, Travis Barker. Barker has a relatively big following on both Instagram and TikTok. He regularly shoots videos and images of himself wearing different hairstyles and attires.

Landon’s Social Media Involvement

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The social media that Landon consumes are Instagram and TikTok. Their private life have not been affected by him, because he is used to this and there are lots of fans around him. He enjoys being the center of attention as his fan base seems to be growing rapidly and likes to talk to his admirers frequently. The crowd around the weight room became more excited as they saw Landon’s attire, and they copied his fashion styles. A lot of people recommend him to get inked like his own father, toxicology, Travis Barker, who has his whole body tattooed too. He even said one time that he would tattoo his last name on his wrist when he became huge.

Landon is popular on TikTok, with over 3.9 million people following him. Most of his videos get more than 10 million views. It could not be that just his music video or star-parents brought him to success. Rather, he went on collaborating with TikTok star Charlie D’Amelio which turned out to be a starting point in his career on the platform.

Also, he is a name we should remember, as he has succeeded in producing music alongside Pop-Punk and Rapper Machine Gun Kelly. Landon has played with the musician many times, and this has made him even more popular with young people. Landon is popular on Instagram and YouTube, with lots of followers and subscribers. He only has two videos on YouTube, but he’s still popular.

Landon Barker’s Net Worth

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Barker has about $5 million. He makes money from social media, music, working with brands, TV shows, and selling merchandise. Barker is popular for the reality TV show “Meet The Barker” where he was the main character. In the most likelihood, we have not only an idea of his wages from the show because when he was a child his parents could be in charge of his earnings. Now, we just don’t have any idea of how much he gained from his storytelling.

Landon Barker: Musical Admiration 

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Despite his enormous success in the singing field, Barker is an outstanding professional for sure. He also uses all the popular platforms streamers such as Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify. We don’t know, representatively, how much money he could make by selling records and streaming, because each company uses different methods to judge the playlist of listeners and engagement statistics with musicians which are used to pay an artist. 

It is a sure bet that Barker earns more than $10,000 from music in a year. His connection with Machine Gun Kelly probably made that number even higher, because he has performed with them several times.

When it comes to working with other brands, Barker has partnered with many popular ones during her career as an influencer. Thus he can cooperate with these companies and make some money from learners to professionals, everyone can benefit from digital badges and develop their digital literacy skills. However, he probably makes a lot more money from selling his music online and from making partnerships with these brands since we don’t have any figures for that.

Landon Barker’s Personal Life

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Landon Barker’s parents lived together for a pretty long time to do all the parenting. He has an older half-sister named Atiana Cecelia de la Hoya, who was born to world champion boxer, Oscar de la Hoya, and has a younger sister of his by the name Alabama Luella Barker. If you are wondering how old is landon barker is? Then, Landon Barker’s age is 20 years old. 

Before, his superstar dad would take him to all kinds of different places, such as concerts and shows, and Landon especially enjoyed book signings with his dad. Among all the things he had, traveling with his dad was probably the most cherished part of his life as a child. It is Mike for me but Landon is an enthusiastic fan of the movie Straight Outta Compton and the TV show Breaking Bad. My boyfriend is a huge fan of Blink 182 and especially their song “Miss You”.

Winding Up On Final Note!

Landon grew up around talented musicians and famous people because his dad was a great musician. However, he said he doesn’t have someone he tries to be like, even though he admires his father and wants to be successful like him. This was all the information that we have covered about the star Landon Barker. 

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