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All About Music 2020 Virtual Edition

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All About Music 2020 virtual edition was launched on 18 Aug 2020 with a spectacular line up of national as well as international speakers that connect the dots of the music industry and have answers to all the solutions and possibilities for everything related to the music industry. The virtual event had a very versatile line-up of 180+ speakers that include the most famous personalities of the music industry such as AR Rahman, Shreya Ghoshal, Arijit Singh, Siddharth Roy Kapur, Prasoon Joshi and so many more, making it one of the biggest virtual events, the music industry has ever witnessed. 

All About Music 2020 virtual edition has caused an evolution in the music industry. It has set a new benchmark in the music world and entered the gateway of virtual events. The three-day music event was hosted on the Dreamcast virtual event platform. In challenging times, when virtual is the new normal, the platform helped the event to achieve a great milestone and incredible response, immense appreciation, & applause from the attendees. With 2000+ attendees it has become a talk of the town. A major hit to the bucket list!

The platform offered exquisite, immersive & interactive virtual event services with enormous engagement that helped the event to break the walls of traditional on-ground music events. The excellent virtual event solutions played a great role in making the event successful with all the applause!

Right from the registration to offering networking options to acquiring feedback from event attendees, the platform has looked upon the minute details that contribute to the overall success of the event. Various services provided by the platform made the event interactive, engaging, and easy to navigate, and deliver immersive experiences to attendees. 

To know about the brilliant features offered by the platform that helped ALL ABOUT MUSIC 2020 virtual event achieved a milestone, Read on:

  1. Multiple Networking Zone 

The platform offered a marvelous feature of multiple networking zones that contributed to the event’s success. It allowed attendees to interact with each other, with speakers, organizers, exhibitors, and tech support in real-time at the event, thus opening up multiple networking opportunities within the event for the attendees. 

Conference Hall, Master Class, Exhibition, Workshop, Showcase, Connect Corner, are some of the networking zones that were created specifically for the event. 

  1. Engagement Features

The platform has interactive engagement features that helped in keeping the audience hooked throughout the ongoing sessions. There were numerous features placed at different parts of the festival, such as LIVE Polls, Q & A sessions, Video & Audio Chat Options that enabled attendees to participate in real-time in the LIVE conference, masterclass, or workshop. 

  1. Parallel Sessions

Parallel sessions are one of the most thrilling features offered by the Dreamcast virtual event platform that made ALL ABOUT MUSIC 2020 a great hit. The platform enabled attendees to have access to multiple parallel sessions at a time, at the event, where-in the attendees could pick and choose the session that they like and would like to attend.

  1. Briefcase

The event enabled the attendees to bookmark the sessions they loved the most and wish to watch again. It allowed attendees to access the most loved sessions again, once it’s live session ends. 

  1. Corner Connect

The Connect corner is one of the most impressive features during the event that allowed the attendees to select a preferred time slot to connect with the representative of their choice. The feature enabled attendees to access the company brief and drop a message to schedule a call as per given time slots. Once a representative accepts a request, the call is scheduled as per attendees. It allowed attendees to have a real-time chat with the selected representative. 

  1. Audio & Video chat 

Along with text chats in real-time, the dynamic platform offered audio and video chat options as well for attendees to engage with other people at the event. Attendees at the event interacted with representatives in corner connect via video chats at scheduled calls. Apart from it, the platform enabled video chat options even at virtual booths that allowed attendees to have real-time interaction via video with booth representatives. A major hit that replicated the feel of an on-ground event by enabling face to face interactions!

  1. Customized Design Booths 

The platform offered customized booths during the event same as on-ground physical events.  The customized booths offered the company’s brief to the attendees and interactive features right from the video interaction with the booth representative to complete document information, sales info, social media links to connect, and a request call back option to reschedule a call. 

  1. Feedback

The platform offered the functionality of a feedback form to access real-time event response. It was integrated at multiple spots within the event so that it is easily accessible to the attendees. It helps in measuring the success rate of an event and gain the audience insight into which part of the event holds value to them. 

Apart from the most stupendous features of a virtual event platform, that made ALL ABOUT MUSIC 2020 a sensational and an amazing event by receiving an incredible response from attendees, the platform offered a few easy & user-friendly features that made it a smooth experience for attendees.

Some of the User-Friendly features offered by the virtual event platform:

  • Registration Feature

A hassle-free registration process made it easy for attendees to enter a virtual event. All attendees did was, entered a user name along with the password to walk through the event. If they faced any difficulty during login, the platform offered a tab Trouble Logging in? By clicking on the tab, the tech support team connected to them and provided them with a new user id to login via email. 

  • Profile set up

As attendees are all set to attend the event, the platform offered a profile set up option that enabled them to update the profile and connect with other attendees and representatives. 

  • Check the schedule 

The platform offered attendees to get the list of ongoing and upcoming sessions by clicking on the Schedule tab. It allowed them to join the session instantly or add the upcoming session to the calendar. 

  • My Agenda to check saved sessions

All About Music 2020 virtual event offered attendees a space to check saved sessions under the name of My Agenda from where they can join instantly or even delete the sessions from the list which they added before. All thanks to the virtual event platform! The brilliant platform pushed a notification to the attendee each time any of their saved event was Live.

  • Attendee List Icon

The platform offered an Attendee list-icon during a virtual event that allows attendees to have a glimpse of other attendees and chat with them live by clicking on their icons. 

  • Speakers

Always some attendees want to know about speaker details, the platform offers the same.

Kudos to the exceptional use of technology that made All About Music 2020 Virtual Edition, a big success!

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