All you Need to Know About Wi-Fi Boosters

Ask any millennial what the one thing is that they cannot live without and the answer you will most probably get is ‘my phone’ but how useful is a phone without a good Wi-Fi connection? Enter Wi-Fi the unsung hero of our lives. It entertains us, keeps us connected with the people we love and enables the procrastinator within us. Without Wi-Fi, our lives would come to a standstill which is why it so important to have a good connection.

Have Wi-Fi but it has to reach you properly is very frustrating. A Wi-Fi booster a solution to your Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

What is a Wi-Fi booster?

A Wi-Fi booster is a device that extends the rage of your Wi-Fi. it does so by boosting or amplifying your existing signal. All the wireless devices within this extended area can be connected to this network. It is a novel solution that works by catching in a weak Wi-Fi signal from a transmitter, it then amplifies this weak signal and the broadcasts it to the spaces where it is needed. This is an efficient process and it extends the Wi-Fi to a large area, including multiple floors in building, every corner of a house, office and it can even extend into your yard.

There might be areas in your home or office where the Wi-Fi signal just is not strong enough, with a wireless booster the network is boosted to cover a large area because of this you will be able to access the internet better and with a better speed. Doing this also will enable your wi-fi name to have a wider reach so that your neighbors can see that cool Wi-Fi name you used for your router.

How can it help speed up your internet connection?

A W-Fi booster works once it has established a connection between a router or an access point and a wireless device such as a laptop or a mobile phone. For example, if you want to use the internet on your phone and you have a limited data pack or you just do not want to use your mobile data you will turn on the Wi-Fi on your phone and connect it to the available access point. This transmission will be sent to your router, if your router is in a far-off area or there are obstacles near by the wireless device will connect but the speed of your connection will be slow, a Wi-Fi extender is a solution for this kind of a situation. The transmission from your router is caught by the booster and the same transmission is given back to your phone where the Wi-Fi is turned on but this time the transmission is amplified which means that the problems you were facing due to location or obstacles is solved.

Benefits of a Wi-Fi booster

Increase Signal Strength

The main advantage you get out of a Wi-Fi booster is that it increases the strength of your connection. Signals that are transmitted over the air have high probability of attenuation because of the components that are present in the air. A single wireless access point is able to transmit a signal over a specified range. If you are far away from the point you might receive a weak signal that will make your internet connection very slow. A booster helps to boost this signal without you having to physically move the router.

Overcoming Obstacles
A major challenge that wireless transmission signals face is the presence of barriers that attenuate the signal. Before you buy your Wi-Fi extender, make sure to read the reviews to make sure that the extender fits your needs. For your wireless connection to work properly you require an ideal channel which is like a vacuum. Wi-Fi extenders can very much help with the problem of obstacles. Placing the extender in the correct area can be very beneficial to overcome barriers which in turn will help you enjoy a faster and stronger internet connection. A Wi-Fi extender boosts the signal without attenuating the signal.
Allows More Devices to Utilize A Single Router
In a limited coverage area if you have just a single wireless router, it can limit the number of devices that can enjoy a good internet connection to that particular router. This makes people buy several routers and put them in the rooms where the signal is not strong enough this is both expensive and a tedious process. Hence, instead of having several networks in the same building it makes more sense to buy an extender and boost the one network you have. This will enable to use that wireless connection seamlessly. This way is not only more efficient but also more economical in the long run. A Wi-Fi extender is a one-time purchase which is a great investment as compared to paying for multiple networks.


A Wi-Fi booster is a great purchase if you want to enjoy an uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection. Nothing is more frustrating than know that you have a good and fast Wi-Fi connection but you are unable to access it. A Wi-Fi is a one-time spend, it might expensive to purchase but after the initial cost there is no other cost hence it an economical solution that in the long run works out to be a lot cheaper than having multiple networks.

A Wi-Fi booster is great if you live in a shared space and have multiple people using the same network. With so many devices connected to the same network the connection is bound to get slow which is unfair to the people stuck with the slow connection. A booster enables multiple devices to be connected to the same transmission without hampering the speed. A booster also is a great idea for an office. In an office everyone needs access to fast internet which is where a Wi-Fi becomes handy

All in all, a Wi-Fi booster is a great investment and with it you will no longer have to suffer with slow Wi-Fi

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