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All you should know about Hoverboard and best self balancing scooter

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Hoverboard, a self-balancing two wheels scooter is no doubt a very amusing portable device to play. But it is on high risk for safety concern authorities. Several explosive incidents and falling accidents have been reported. Beside this, there were many complaints from buyers about poor quality hoverboard. European countries recently banned on riding a hoverboard in the public places. A person living in the UK could only ride a hoverboard indoor or on their own driveway.

Many cases have been reported for hoverboards catching fire incidents and overheating while riding or charging. There are also many accidents of falling down causing injuries such as concussions, fractures, sprains which were treated in an emergency.

  • Parent’s responsibility

Due to the safety concerns of the hoverboards, parents have certain responsibility to take while their kids are riding the best self-balancing scooter.

  • Don’t leave your children unattended, keep an eye on them, whenever they are riding their best hoverboard
  • Support your kids while they are riding hoverboards, in spite of the fact your kids know how to ride the best self-balancing scooter. You should fully support them in riding two wheels scooter as it can suddenly accelerate anytime. And your kid can face difficulty while controlling it.
  • Always allow your kids to ride on the bare areas instead of the rush traffic roads, rather some countries banned its ride on the public sites.
  • Don’t leave your best hoverboard to charging overnight. The overcharging can cause an explosion or heavy fire.
  • Strictly prohibit using hoverboard by the kids under age 12
  • Always purchase the best hoverboard by the famous renowned brands like Swagtron, Segway, and Razor with warranty. Avoid having inferior hoverboards without warranty

We should be aware of the genuine and best hoverboards before buying it. Keep some things in mind such as to buy UL certified hoverboards, safe from fire explosion and electrical hazards.

Moreover, consider the following factors while buying the best hoverboard and best self balancing scooter

Choosing the best hoverboard type:

There are two types of hoverboard;

  • Air wheel design
  • Board design

The board design consists of the two large rotating wheels attached with the hinges. And the rider rides it by applying the pressure on the sensitive pads of the board located between the two wheels

Air wheel design consists of two large wheels located at the center and the controlling pad is on each side of the wheels. The rider rides it by controlling this pad.

Choose the design which is suitable for the rider and rider can easily control it according to its stamina.

  • Cost of hoverboard:

The hoverboards under $500 are the high quality best hoverboards with all the additional features of the control capability, build in Bluetooth, strong frame and remote control capability. If you want to buy low budget hoverboard then make sure to have its warranty and the backing option to the seller.

  • Quality concern

Before having hoverboards, deeply pay attention to its quality as many customers reported the poor quality of hoverboards material. Tear off of the tire protected skin or early fault of hoverboard battery has been reported by the users.

Try to review the customer’s suggestions about the best two wheels scooter you are buying. The hoverboards of US brands for instance IO hawk is preferable due to its warranty and quality material.

  • Charging time

A hoverboard takes two to three hours of charging for covering a distance of 10 to 12 miles. Always select a balancing scooter that takes less time of charging and has a long battery life. Plug off the switch when charging is full. Don’t place your hoverboard for the whole night on charging as overcharge can cause an explosion. Follow the manufacturer guidelines for charging the battery.

  • Body weight

Different hoverboards can bear a weight up to 220 pounds or 120kg. Always purchase a board that has the capability to carry a weight larger than the weight of the rider. The two wheels balancing scooters are specially designed for kids so adults must avoid riding it because adults are more at risk of falling off and getting injured.

  • The speed of the hoverboard

The average top speed of every hoverboard is 10mph; it varies with the hoverboard types, model, wheel, and the body weight of the rider. For the standard board, the speed ranges between 12 to 14 miles per hour. Whenever you are buying the best two wheels scooter always keep this speed range in mind and try to buy a standard board to avoid any unpleasant incidence.

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