Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Incense products are very famous because of their refreshing fragrance. These products are used in spas, yoga centers, temples, and houses. Lighting up the strands of incense can lighten up the mood and make the atmosphere refreshing. Therefore, these products are getting a lot of attention in large part of the world. Because of such a fantastic nature and a broad fandom of these products, you need packaging that makes these products even more appealing and attractive. 

That’s what this article is to tell you how you can make your CBD incense packaging more appealing and attractive. There are many things you can do and many ideas you can try. There are many customization options you can go with to try out your packaging designs for your CBD incense boxes.

Custom CBD Incense Boxes

When you have custom packaging, there are many customizations and design options you can have. All the options are there for you to choose from the choice of materials to finish the packaging. Thus, there are numerous designs you can make from these options. 

There are many packaging-making options you can try using different materials, styles of boxes, and customization. The variety of materials allow you to try different designs and concepts with your boxes. So, there is a lot you can do with the material options. 

Other than the selection of materials, you can also have a unique style of boxes for your Incense products. With unique boxes, you can score a nice presentation. The customizations like die-cut windows can be the cherry on top in making your boxes more attractive.

No packaging is complete without a nice printing. For that, you get both PMS and CMYK options. With these options, you can have various patterns, themes, images, logos, color schemes, and a lot more. 

Many finishing options are also there to complete things up and take your presentation game to the next level. Some of the options are gloss, matte, spot UV, soft-touch, foiling, and many other things. Thus, there’s a whole variety of options you can go with to give you a nice presentation. 

There are no set rules you have to follow with your custom packaging, so you can be as creative as you want to be. To give you an insight into what type of packaging you can try, some ideas for packaging are given below.   

CBD Incense Boxes with Die-cut Windows

Die-cut windows are always a nice addition to any packaging. These do not only make your product interesting and but also add a nice and unique vibe to it. Therefore, these are an excellent addition to your CBD incense packaging. 

The windows provide a view of the product, which can be a nice idea for packaging, but at the same time, the view is also reassuring that the product inside is safe and sound. Most of the time, the boxes are a secondary packaging on top of the primary plastic packaging to avoid any damage from moisture. That means you can try both simple windows or the ones covered with PVC films. 

Eco-friendly CBD Incense Boxes

You can also make your boxes nature-friendly by using Kraft packaging boxes. The Kraft material is one of the safest packaging materials for the environment. The best thing is that if you go with Kraft material, your boxes will be recyclable, biodegradable, and reusable at the same time. So, you can go full-scale environment-friendly with these boxes.

You can try out various styles of boxes with Kraft material. Usually, the incense boxes are tuck-ends, but you can also go with sliders or any other type that suits your design requirements. The same goes for the boxes with die-cut windows. As for the printing and finishing, you do not get as many customizations as you get with other materials. With Kraft, less is more. The eco-friendly aspect of the boxes is appealing enough on its own to attract customers. 

Exclusive CBD Incense Boxes

For your exclusive range of CBD incense products, you can have exclusive packaging. You can have such boxes with a vibe by having your packaging made from a rigid material. The same material is also used for many other products like watches, accessories, jewelry, etc.

These boxes represent a class with exclusiveness and uniqueness. Thus, they are a fitting packaging for your exclusive CBD incense products. You can try various styles of boxes like magnetic closure or sliders made of the same material.

Once you have decided on the design, you just need a packaging-making and printing company. Impressionville is an excellent option for you because of its wide variety of customization options and years of experience in the field. CBD incense boxes designed by Impressionville will help fulfill all your design requirements. 


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