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The TDA2030H audio amplifier is an integrated circuit. It is designed to be used as a low-frequency class AB amplifier. It is equipped with an original (and patent-pending) short-circuit protection device that includes an arrangement that automatically limits the amount of power that is dissipated so as to keep the operating temperature of output transistors in their operating limits. A traditional thermal shutdown system is integrated. The TDA2030H audio amplifier is one of the important components of multimedia products and is widely used in consumer electronics. 


The supply voltage with wide-range up to 36 V.

The power supply that is split or single.

Protection from short-circuits that protect ground.


CAD Model



PCB Footprints

3D Models



Mounting Type – Through Hole

Package / Case – Pentawatt-5 


Packaging – Tube

Feature – Short-Circuit and Thermal Protection

Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) – 1 (Unlimited)


Height – 9.2mm

Length – 10.4mm

Width – 4.8mm

Circuits of TDA2030H

Where to Use TDA2030H?


The TDA2030H audio amplifier is designed for a specific purpose. Some amplifiers are made for home theaters, while others are designed for use in cars or boats. Some amplifiers are designed to be used with traditional speakers, while others are made to work with headphones. There are even some special-purpose amplifiers that can be used to drive subwoofers or create surround sound effects. The important thing to remember is that not all amplifiers are created equal. You need to match the amplifier to the speakers for the best results.

How to Use TDA2030H?

The TDA2030H audio amplifier works by taking a low-power audio signal and boosting it to a higher level so that it can drive the speakers in your system. It’s important to match the power of the amplifier with that of your speakers, or you’ll get distortion like static or crackling sounds when you play music too loudly. Amplifier design varies from simple to complex. Simple amplifiers can be built using a handful of semiconductors, while the most elaborate modern designs employ more than a hundred different sections and may contain thousands of individual components. In all cases, the basic principle remains the same: an amplifier takes a low-power audio signal from your receiver and boosts it to a higher level.

The basic types of audio amplifiers: power amplifiers, which provide multiple watts of continuous power, and preamplifiers or line-level amps that provide as little as one watt or less to drive the speakers in your home theater system. In either case,  the amplifier takes the low-power output from your receiver or integrated amplifier, boosts it to a level appropriate for driving the speaker system in your living room, and does so with minimal interference of other sounds.

Package Dimensions 

About the Manufacturer


STMicroelectronics is a globally recognized semiconductor company. They are dedicated to developing semiconductor solutions for various microelectronics applications. STMicroelectronics enjoys unrivaled silicon and system expertise, strong manufacturing strength, IP portfolio,and solid relationships with their strategic partners. Based on these advantages, STMicroelectronics has become a pioneer in System-on-Chip (SoC) technology and its products has a positive effect in realizing today’s convergence trends



Typically, the TDA2030H audio amplifier delivers 14 W of output power (d = 0.5 percent) when operating at 14 V/4Ω. When the voltage is +14 V (or 28 V), the guaranteed output power is 12W for a load with 4Ω and 8 W for 8Ω. It has a high current output and is very low in distortion in the crossover and harmonic. Linear audio amplifier has been dominant in the traditional audio amplifier market because of its low distortion and good sound quality. An audio amplifier is a device used to increase the power of an audio signal. This is generally done by increasing the amplitude of the signal while maintaining the same frequency. Audio amplifiers are often used in sound systems to improve the sound quality of the system. They can also be used to increase the power of a signal in order to drive a speaker. The signals that will be amplified by this amplifier are from a computer’s sound card, which generates weak signals.

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