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An Ultimate Guide to Marijuana Concentrates

 Marijuana stands out among many medicinal plants. Although it comes in different forms, concentrates are a great way of discharging its power. There are multiple ways to consume cannabis concentrates. However, the effects vary from one product to another. If it’s your first time ordering concentrates, there are various things to know, and this guide shares all you need to know. 


What are cannabis concentrates?


 Concentrates have been around for long and are derived from cannabis. They can be in the form of hash or wax. There are different forms of cannabis, and the common elements are THC and CBD. Concentrates are highly potent than smoking or flower and are ideal for users who prefer a fast-acting dose to eliminate their pain. You can get them from any Online Dispensary Canada and can consume them in various ways.


 What are the distinct types of marijuana concentrates?


 There are two categories of concentrates; those extracted with a solvent and the solventless concentrates. Both types have varying amounts of cannabinoids, terpenes, texture, and shape depending on the extraction mode. These include;



  • Kief



 These are accumulated trichomes that have been beaten of and dried to form a sticky material. Kief is a potent form of marijuana that you can use by itself or sprinkle on blunts and joints. You can also add to food or press it to form hash.


  • Hash


Hash is a concentrate consisting of compressed preparations of stalked resin glands. The resin is rich in THC and other cannabinoids but in high concentrations than uncompressed weed flower.


  • Rosin


Rosin is a solventless extract made by pressing cannabis to extract resin using heat and pressure. You can simply make it using parchment paper and a hair straightener. But, most superior grade rosins are made using a mechanical press, which can apply intense pressure.


  • CO2 Oil


CO2 Oil is a common concentrate and is used vape cartridges. It’s a form of marijuana that has undergone an industrial extraction machine that isolates cannabinoids and other compounds using pressure. The CO2 machines are also handy in making concentrates such as live resin.


Concentrates vs. Extracts- what is the difference?


 The terms concentrates and extracts are used interchangeably, but both have different meanings. Extracts are a type of concentrates made using a solvent. They come in various textures, and you can distinguish them from the look.


Therefore, extracts are concentrates, but concentrates are not a form of extracts. On the other hand, concentrates aren’t produced using solvents but by a mechanical or physical method to remove and collect the trichomes.


Which is the best way to consume marijuana concentrates?


Dabbing is a common way of consuming concentrates, and this is why most weed users refer to concentrates as dabs. But, you can use them with a vape pen or as topicals, tinctures, and edibles. All you need is to determine the best consumption method for you. 


What’s more, you can boost the potency of your concentrate by adding powdered kief to your bowl. You can still wrap it around your joint, and you don’t require special tools to enhance the potency of your products.


Wrapping up


 There are different types of concentrates, but you’ll likely find shatter, bubble hash, rosin, or CO2 in most vape pens. No matter your choice of concentrate good quality and only buy the products from reputed stores.


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