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When it comes to women shoes, we see a lot of you, including us, obsessing over heels. The clank, the click, the clip-clock of heels is music to ears, no matter how loud. High heels are those women shoes that can give a nice company at any event. However, some heels are a little bitter, they cut through the skin and we sit there sulking at how the love of our life could do such a thing to us, but it’s alright, happens. What you need to do is to wear them according to your walking routines, if you are to walk constantly, then avoid the ones that would leave bruises over your feet. Go for comfortable heels at such instances. 

Women are very choosy when selecting the perfect high heels as they play a significant role in showing the styling sense and the tone which they choose to go with. Adding statement to personality, heels raise the fashion quotient when worn rightly. Heels carry the connotations of confidence, power, ambition, authority and boldness. Moreover, since heels come in variety of sizes, women can pick the that suits them. 

High heels that are classic, never lose their place as the number one choice for dress-up situations.

Unlike the previously prevalent notion, it is not necessary that high heels would make your feet ache or cause blisters. There are tips through which you can avoid this terrible situation 

But unlike many believe, high heels don’t necessarily mean painful blisters and aching feet. Here are my tips on how to find the perfect pair of heels that will keep you classy for many, many years.

Always buy women shoes that are of top quality and this includes heels as well, the one made with quality material will never hurt you bad. When you go for buying women shoes, take your time, walk around the store in the heels until you are satisfied that you feel completely comfortable wearing them. Moreover, pay close attention to your toes, can they breathe while you walk in those heels. 

Also, to ace the entire look, practice walking in heels before you wear them to the big event. This would make you feel at ease with them.  

There are various heels types including kitten, stilettos, scarpin, espadrille, mules, oxford, corset, ankle straps, wedges and peep toes. If you are one of those women who are obsessed with filling their closets with heels a lot, then you must be having half, or who knows, all of these. 

Choosing a Pair of Quality Men Leather Shoes

Men shoes can be differentiated from one another on the basis of their quality. Everyone man wants to buy shoes that only look great but also feel great while they last years. An all-rounder pair of men shoes is the one that exudes excellence and style, alike. 

Leather shoes are a popular choice for men who go to offices daily because according to them, leather shoes provide comfort and protection to the feet. However, people refrain from buying leather shoes because of their higher prices compared to the one made with synthetic material. Although, there is this disadvantage of higher price but leather shoes come with many benefits that cannot be outdone. 

When you wear leather shoes, the material would mould to the shape of feet. When you wear copies of leather shoes, you will feel that they are hard on your feet and would not be very accommodating for your feet’s comfort and this is something that everyone would dislike. Leather, on the other hand is adaptable to feet providing support and comfort. 

Undoubtedly, the best men shoes are manufactured with high grade leather. This is of high importance, be it for casual or formal leather shoes. If you get to buy any pair of leather shoes that is of poor quality, you would feel somewhat flimsy and dry appearance taking over your entire persona. An example of leather that is looks ultra-fine for men shoes is the tight grain one as it is known to be devoid of any imperfections. Not only it appeals to the eye but is also comfortable for the feet to carry. 

Moreover, if you ever hear a squeaking or a creaking sound being emitted from your shoes, it is a sign of them becoming brittle and wearing out. When you notice that the leather is drying out, you need to clean them out, they should be properly conditioned and polished day-today. This maintenance routine will help them stay protected from moisture. 

There are many types of shoes available in leather such as oxfords, cap toes, loafers, monk strap shoes and formal dress boots. You can pick any according to your needs or the occasion you want to wear them on. Furthermore, they are available in several colours including black, brown, oxblood, white, chest nut cordovan and burgundy. 

Never take buying leather shoes lightly because it’s an investment that’s meant to thrive and it also shoes your taste in high-end fashion.  

Beware of going for cheap, synthetic alternatives for leather shoes because in the long run they would ruin the comfort, style and design. Always have your eyes on a pair of leather shoes that is well crafted.  If you think that you are being tricked by the seller into buying fake leather shoes, check for their weight. Pure leather shoes weigh heavier than the non-genuine ones. Moreover, the shoes made with pure leather have a smell of their own which differentiates them from the rest. 


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