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If you want the direct answer then the answer is no. This is the reason nangs are still not illegal in Australia. However, it is still prohibited for minors to purchase them since it contains properties that can be potentially abused. Even though it could be used as a recreational drug and that short twenty-second high might provide a great deal of excitement, it can also result in more severe side effects such as confusion, alienation, and a transient loss of motor control, among other things. Unless you have the correct people by your side to assist you in those potentially dangerous circumstances, you may find yourself doing things that you may later regret.


Besides the euphoric feelings it can produce, there can be a result of B12 deficiency if you use nitrous oxide for a long time. That vitamin is a vital element that the human body requires to maintain a healthy red blood cell level count. If it is much lower than normal levels, it may soon result in health problems such as anemia, neuropathy, and tinnitus, among others.


Moreover, when breathed from the bulbs, the nitrous oxide gas produced by nangs may be very cold to the touch. If the temperature drops below freezing temperature, frostbite may develop on the nose, lips, and even the neck. Therefore, individuals end up suffering significant damage to themselves and others because they do not fully understand the dangers that can cost with nangs.


The use of nangs can be quite deadly if not consumed under adult supervision.

Here are some of the situations in which you should absolutely avoid if you are exposed to nangs –


  • Using it alone, or in potentially hazardous or isolated situations


  • Putting plastic bags over one’s head or otherwise interfering with one’s ability to breathe.


  • Spraying in close proximity to combustible materials such as bare flames or cigarettes.


  • Using drugs or consuming alcoholic beverages.


  • Standing or dancing while inhaling since the user may pass out.



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