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Business owners, premise owners, and landlords in Georgia are required to take adequate steps to keep the premises safe and secure. In other words, they are liable for premise security. If you suffered injuries in an incident that happened because of lax security measures, you could sue the premise owner for your damages and losses. This is called a negligent security lawsuit. To win a lawsuit, you must prove that the premise owner/landlord owed you a “duty of care”, or conform to certain standards of conduct but breached that duty. The breach eventually led to the incident, which caused your injuries. Such cases are often hard to prove, which is precisely why you need an Atlanta negligent security lawyer. Here are some key aspects worth knowing.

Understanding the basics

Let’s take a simple example – You lived in a rented apartment, and there have been previous burglaries in the building. If the owner didn’t do enough to prevent further break-ins or incidents despite knowing about the burglaries, they are liable for your losses (or injuries). In parts of Atlanta, where crime rates are considerably higher, property owners are expected to take additional measures to enhance security and safety. If a property owner didn’t do enough, which eventually led to an incident, they could be liable for the victims’ injuries, losses, and damages.

Do you need an attorney?

When it comes to negligent security lawsuits, the short answer is yes. It is not always easy to prove that the other party was negligent in handling matters related to security. For instance, the building owner (in the example above) may claim that they had employed an additional security guard after the last burglary. An attorney can help you evaluate the worth and merit of your negligent security lawsuit. They can also guide you on your rights and what you can expect in a settlement. Remember that you need solid evidence to win a lawsuit, and your lawyer is your best bet in investigating the matter. Most negligent security lawsuits in Atlanta are settled through negotiations, but if an out-of-court settlement is unlikely, your lawyer can file a civil lawsuit against the property owner.

People often wrongly assume that negligent security lawsuits are the same as slip & fall accidents. While both are types of premise liability cases, the approach is often very different. Talk to a negligent security lawyer soon after the incident to know more.


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