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Although the momentum of 5G far exceeds the previous 4G, the future of 5G is still full of uncertainties, and now we need to wait for these technologies to move from the experimental stage to practical. 5G has begun to move from theoretical research to practical application research. For ordinary people, the benefits of 5G are reflected in different aspects. 5G technology has many advantages. The following are some common advantages of 5G technology.

Get online faster.

5G technology provides a bandwidth rate of more than 10Gbps (10000Mbps), which is more than 100 times the current 4G network. High-speed bandwidth provides faster uploading and downloading speeds, and can bring an online experience to the process. As long as the network is covered, it can basically achieve point-and-click viewing without worrying about video freezes.

Realize the interconnection between smart homes and other machines

5G integrates 3G, 4G, WAPI, WIFI, and other technologies, which can achieve direct contact between devices. The common people can start to enjoy the convenience brought by artificial intelligence.

Unmanned products began to spread.

In particular, driverless cars can play a greater potential in the 5G environment. Direct data interaction between cars and cars, and cars and road management equipment can greatly improve safety performance. Driverless cars are equivalent to hiring a full-time driver to free consumers from driving.

 The business is more abundant.

Services based on large bandwidth can be popularized, such as holographic devices, VR devices, etc. 3G can only watch pictures and low-definition videos. When it comes to 4G, you can directly watch high-definition video and live broadcast services on your mobile phone. This is the direct benefit of network upgrades.


For ordinary people, 5G is just a concept. To make people accept 5G, several misunderstandings need to be eliminated in the process of 5G popularization:

1. The internet speed is too fast. Wake up and move?

In the 5G era, the transmission speed is very fast, and there are many types of transmission. Among them, the amount of data transmitted between IoT devices will be large, and it is also included in the 5G network. Therefore, the charging model will also change greatly, among which the traffic tariff will definitely be greatly reduced, and the traffic charging model will be different. In the final analysis, the charge will still be calculated by calculating the user’s ability to pay. When you wake up, the probability of the house moving is very low, it can be considered close to 0.

2. The network speed is enough, it doesn’t need to be so fast.

This topic is very confusing. However, the needs of users’ new technologies are constantly increasing, and their desires are endless. We do not need it because we have not experienced the benefits of the new business. In the future, 5G will gradually spread from enthusiast users to high-end users. Especially after the hardware devices on the market are gradually updated to 5G smart devices, the demand for 5G will be further popularized quickly. Just like now, there are 4G mobile phones on the market, you don’t need 4G.

3. The phone is just a phone call, and occasionally go online, the home company can use Wi-Fi.

Going online anytime, anywhere is already a sign of mobile Internet. The future of mobile phones is only a carrier of 5G networks. Wearable devices, smart homes, artificial housekeepers, robots, unmanned vehicles, self-service equipment, etc. are everywhere. The mobile phone will become a terminal where consumers can’t leave, or even integrate with people. Therefore, the mobile phone is no longer a mobile phone, but an extension of human functions. If you can only use wifi, it is estimated that it will suffocate people.


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