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Benefits Of Automating Everyday Tasks

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In our everyday schedules, we all have somewhat repetitive tasks. Sometimes the handling of all such jobs makes our workplace seem rather dull and mundane. A considerable time of your work time will go in sorting out how to tackle these tedious jobs.

When it comes to the Database administrator of your company, the situation is worse. As the amount of data kept by the company increases, his job of maintaining it becomes monotonous. 

The work pressure increases the strife they are experiencing, and balancing the tasks becomes the utmost priority. However, in this situation, automation of administrative tasks comes to aid, and here we present the benefits of doing so.

Need To Automate Administrative Tasks 

If you ask any DBA if he would want to reduce his burden, you will get a positive reply. The kind of work profile that DBA’s have, it is doubtful any of them are saying no to your overture. Here are some advantages of automation.

  • Increasing the consistency of output and results of any process
  • It helps you in increasing the productivity
  • Enhancing the stability received in the tasks
  • Giving employees time to indulge in other fruitful activities
  • Creation of high-level jobs that deal with the development and maintenance of automated processes
  • You can reduce any scope of human errors

These are some benefits accrued to automizing the processes. Such changes can be implemented before the final execution of the tasks. Helping your DBA to simplify these problematic tasks will boost his morale and increase the motivation to work hard. Since no employee adores a tedious job, automation is beneficial for both employees and the company. 

What Kind Of DBA Tasks Could Be Automated 

There may be a variety of chances where the DBA tasks could be automated. For example Dreamz, is using database automation to provide its users an enjoyable time. The company personalizes its user experience as per the interests of the individual.  Dreamz, who have automated bonus promotions based on what you like and the games you prefer to play. Basically, personalized experience for each individual customer.

This implies that the user has everything going in its favor. Eventually, the online casino experience they provide is exemplified beyond description.

Deciding on which projects need to be automated is purely the company’s decision. However, particular areas get an edge over others. Once you have deployed the same for a few tasks, you may expand the reach to other jobs as well.

Some places where you may start automation are:

  • Server maintenance- You can include tasks like rebooting a host or shrinking the database files.
  • Database maintenance- This job involves a multitude of tasks like index maintenance, taking backups, and conducting database checks.
  • The synchronization of QA and production databases- Though such jobs are not regularly scheduled, automating them proves to be helpful. 

Apart from these, your DBA would be able to suggest some more areas where automation can be of assistance. You must take their inputs seriously as they are the only ones who have to deal with such difficult tasks daily.

Automation of Database tasks proves helpful in more than one way. With employees reducing the time they are spending on tedious jobs; they can divert their attention towards other responsibilities. The change in job responsibilities gives them a sense of importance and paves the way for a successful stint at the organization.

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