Benefits of Deep Breathing

What does it take? Just Breath In and Breath Out! You do this on a daily basis 24/7/365 as you can’t live without it however just adding a small trick to it will give you huge benefits. We start facing multiple problems due to irregular routines or bad habits.

Just a few minutes of deep breathing exercise will benefit you physically and mentally. It can also cure a lot of diseases in your body. Let us run down the a few of the greatest benefits of Deep Breathing exercise.

How to Perform Deep Breathing Exercise?

To get maximum benefits out of deep breathing exercises, it is important that we do it properly following the right methods.

Step 1. You can do this exercise by laying down on a flat surface or sitting on a reclining chair where you can rest your back, shoulders, and neck.

Step 2. Close your eyes and slowly breathe deep through your nostrils until you fill your belly with air.

Step 3. Let it be there for a few seconds until you can hold it there.

Step 4. Slowly exhale your breath from your nostrils until you are completely drained.

Step 5. Repeat this exercise for around 10 to 15 minutes and you will feel light.

Things to Keep in Mind

  •         It’s always better to keep your eyes closed while doing this exercise.
  •         Things that come in your mind while doing this exercise should be relaxing.
  •         Start with deep and long breathing in the beginning and gradually come to a normal state.
  •         Keep your environment peaceful, with good fragrance around you. Mild instrumental music may also embellish the ambiance.
  •         Count five while breathing in and reverse count while breathing out to develop regularity.
  •         Wear loose outfit while performing this exercise for more relaxing postures.
  •         Feel that you are releasing stress and worries while exhaling your breath.

Benefits of Deep Breathing

There are several benefits of deep breathing. We have researched and took interviews with yoga experts and concluded a few deep breathing benefits that are really helpful for your physical and mental wellbeing.

Detox Your Lungs

A human body is designed to detoxify itself through the breathing process. If your respiratory system is not detoxifying your body, you may suffer illness. When you exhale air, you release carbon dioxide that has traveled through your bloodstream into your lungs. When you take a deep breath, it expands and collapses your lungs and reduces the level of tar and carbon from your lungs.

Increase your Oxygen Level

Deep breathing exercise makes your lungs and respiratory system stronger. Stronger and clear lungs ensure that your lungs can consume more air and give more oxygen to your body. You feel more energetic and stress-free with a higher level of oxygen.

Reduce Stress Level

Whenever you are stressed, or feel anger, tense or scared, your breathing system becomes shallow as your muscles get tightened. You do not get enough amount of oxygen that is needed. Deep breathing exercise regulates your stress level and reduces the tension.

Regulates your Respiratory System

Deep breathing relaxes diaphragm and other muscles that help you breathe properly. Deep breathing exercise also helps you in the situation of asthma and other respiratory problems. All the muscles that help you breathe, lungs, spinal cord, neck, shoulder, and chest get activated when you practice this exercise.

Beneficial for Heart

If you do not exercise on a regular basis, just fastening your breath for a few minutes can also ignite the heart rate and regulates proper blood pressure into your nerves. Breathing exercises can also benefit your physical wellbeing without visiting a gym. The working capacity of your heart increases and it reduces the fat around your body organs. This exercise also reduces the risk of a heart attack.

Improves Digestion System

Breathing exercise reduces the workload on the digestion system and supplies proper oxygen level to the digestion organs ensuring smooth operations. The digestive system also depends on the fact that the food is oxygenated enough to digest.

Maintains Your Body Weight

Those who are suffering from diseases due to being overweight, the extra oxygen burns out excess fat. If you are underweight, extra oxygen supplied by deep breathing exercises can also feed the starving tissues and glands.


There are other unseen benefits of deep breathing exercises that are equally useful for your physical and mental health. You get better sleep and recovers from insomnia. It also regulates your brain activities and helps you think wise and make good decisions. Deep breathing exercise keeps you young and controls your blood pressure.

The benefits of deep breathing also include elevation in mood due to inducing neurochemicals in your brain. Proper breathing helps make your heart and lungs stronger as they start consuming and containing more oxygen in your blood cells resulting improvised nervous system. Quality of blood improves and you live stress-free, worry-free life.

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