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We are going to discuss some cool apps for Samsung Gear 3. These are the apps that don’t come with the watch. You won’t need to find my phone or any of the basic ones to come with it on here. All these apps will be the third party. So, before getting started, I do want to leave out for two mission to be installed in Gear S3. First one is Spotify, Spotify is now available on the Samsung gear s3, was launched in mid-December 2017. Another one is the Samsung Pay for the online payments.

 So, let’s discuss the four best apps for gear S3


Now for the first must-have app is going to be a tie and that’s going to be between two different calculators and that is tip estimate. This app is a great simple app as you just put in the total. You have $46 and then how many parties are you splitting to or just one or two people. You put next and then you can even rotate the Bezel to increase or decrease a tip. Now, the other app is going to be a discount calculator. so you are at a store and you must look for 48% discount of $200 and it will simply tell you the discounted price.


Another app is FIND MY CAR, for obvious reasons we can’t zoom into that all the way to where I am but I’m somewhere in Log Angles. So, upon that when you find my car, it is going to launch, and it will tell you exactly where you are and how many feet away you are from your car. This is a nice app to launch whenever you are in the parking lot.


This is a very simple and useful app. For a lot of people it is not an attractive app but for the game lovers, it is. The app the ESPN app. You just set this up on your phone and you set it up to be all your favourites so every favourite you have on your sports teams, you just must rotate the Bezel and go and see that match.


The next app is the uber app, the uber app is great and easy to use. It has to different ways to use it. The first way is going into the app itself in the app drawer and if you do it this way then it is not bad but there is an easier way. If you go home, you can rotate the bezel to get to your widget. On this widget, an app will immediately be found in a new verso and it will tell you how long a way that where the request is, what you last requested and have it right.

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