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What´s the best bra brand?

Finding the right bra, sometimes, can be really hard! There´s a big variety of bras for you to acquire, and above that, you often feel that your type of body doesn´t match with any of the choices some brands can offer, for they are usually small. So, the task can be a little intimidating.

This is why we did a research; we undertook an investigation on bras and concluded that the most important issue is not to define which are the best bra brands (as all the ladies would think), but to learn all there is to learn when shopping for the perfect bra. Here you will find all the information necessary, so you can learn a bit more about all your options and decide which one fits you best.

Let´s get started!

First, we should clear out that bras can be pricey sometimes, though  you can always find brands with a wide range of prices, it´s important you realize that this is an everyday piece of clothing, therefore we advise not to ignore the quality of the product and the comfort it can provide in exchange of a lower price. Spending a little bit more than what you had in mind can be an excellent decision, since you will feel the difference and you will be definitely grateful. As we mentioned, a bra is an item you use all the time, day after day, and feeling comfortable to the point of having the sensation as if you were not wearing a bra at all, is priceless. However, this is not the only issue in favor when spending a little bit more. Investing more money usually means the supplies are high quality, and that gives you a more resistant-longer duration bra. So, if you think about it… it is undoubtedly convenient.
Now, don´t let them fool you! There are brands that are really expensive but that does not mean high quality, so, you must learn that the price is not the only factor. The best bra brands are not necessary the most expensive. There´s a lot more to consider. Let´s get to it!

As you probably know, there are numerous types of bras. There are bras for every need, body and situation, from the sensual and sexy types, through the sporty type, to the breastfeeding /maternity type.
The best bra brands are the ones that got it all cover, the ones that consider everything. For example, the brands that cover every size and every combination, the ones that consider diversity, because our bodies are not all the same (especially when referring to women, which bodies go through many changes during its development and its hormonal changes). 

Has it ever happened to you, when trying on a bra, that the cups where the right size but the band size felt too tight even though you placed the hooks in the loosest position? Did it ever occur to you that the cups where too close together they wouldn´t fit right in the sides of your chest? Sure most women had experienced any of this situations or similar. These considerations are the ones that make the difference, besides high quality. Because it´s important your feel comfortable for you will be waring your bra almost all day, every day.

Before going shopping…

We recommend you to measure your bra size before going shopping (you will have to do this especially if you buy online). First, you have to measure your under bust, placing the measuring tape over your ribs just below your bust; this is your band size. Then you need to measure your bust, so place the tape over your breast and around your back. These two measures will allow you to know your ideal bra size, according to the sizing chart. 

You should try to find a good store / brand that considers everything we mentioned above, one that looks beyond the “average” sizes and promotes diversity. The one that not only fixes on fashion.
However, the most important thing above everything else, the ultimate learning is that every woman´s body is beautiful and unique, love your body, be happy with it, then you will realize no bra can be mass-produced to make everyone look good at once. Be happy with your body and try to find the bra that suits you best and not the other way around!

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