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Names are the greatest asset of one’s identity. These name necklaces show your individuality as well as your personality. A person’s name has the biggest connection with his identity. It is said that the most important word in the world is a person’s own name.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go Grab a Customized Name Necklace for Yourself or for your Loved Ones


Name Necklace Significance

It is very basic that you are known by your name and the rest of things come later and has secondary positions. Your name is your powerful identity. That is what you are known by the people around you. That is why wearing a name necklace makes you more confident, as your name necklace automatically will add more grace in your personality.


Variety of Name Necklaces

Jechic has more than 150 products of name necklace that you can buy. Their quality is matchless and you can customize your favorite name necklace with your choice of design and language.

You can gift someone on her birthday, as it will be the best gift for them. Everyone wants to be known by their name. When you gift this name necklace, they will be extremely happy and grateful.

  • Custom Chic Name Necklace
  • Charming old English Name
  • Gold Classic Name Necklace
  • Carrie Style with Heart Necklace
  • Gold-plated with Copper Chain
  • Crown Customized Name Necklace
  • Name Letter Pendants
  • Personalized Silver-plated Necklace
  • Two Name Custom Necklace with Heart
  • Many More (Please visit to make your day even confident and charming)



This name necklace is elegant, simple and unique. It is different in its design as the name is carved on a rose gold-plated coating, which makes it more beautiful. It looks perfect for a cozy winter look and can be perfectly worn in summers.




This name necklace is a perfect gift for your loved one. It has a unique design and with a custom name on it, it can bring endless joy to your lover.



This is one more extra ordinarily beautiful name necklace with crown design, perfect for your everyday dresses. You can wear these customized necklaces with simple everyday dressing like cozy winter sweaters, jeans and t’s. It is simple and elegant and has appealing beauty.

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This necklace is made of silver or copper, simple, elegant and stylish. It will become your new trendy favorite jewelry. It is the best choice for mother, wife or girlfriend as an exquisite gift. You can customize it according to your preferred color and material.



Unique colors Name Necklaces

These name necklaces can be customized in different colors. The best-selling colors are mainly gold, silver and rose gold. These name necklaces give you your identity. When you wear your name necklace, it will give you more confidence because our names have significance in our life.


Customized Unique Designs and Styles 

Customized name necklaces have so many enchanting designs and styles. You can customize this name necklace as per your choice. You can create your design. You can choose it in different language styles and design it your way.

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