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A couple of years ago, life was different and difficult for me. I used to see escorts almost every week. I’ve been privileged in the sense that I had the companionship of glamorous escorts who were breaking ranks and ceilings. I was doing financially well. But truth be told, my job was morbidly grueling. I used to experience bouts of catatonic schizophrenia.

My girlfriend upbraided me for my busy schedule. Our relationship didn’t last. I don’t blame her. Ever since then, it became a norm for me to hit the Google and search for escorts near me.

I was thinking of quitting my job. One fine day, I had a breakthrough moment. I submitted my resignation and I dove deep into the world of escort business. Fast forward two years, I’m on a tear.

You too can make money with escort business. Allow me to explain how to find escorts and how to start an escort business.

Read on.


When I began looking into the nuances of escort industry, I discovered that there are many brothels masquerading as escort agencies.

Brothels are places where prostitutes work. Prostitutes are sex workers. Prostitutes are often coerced into sex work. There may or may not be any consent. Unfortunately, a vast majority of sex workers are drug addicted pimp abused women. They want nothing but money.

In conclusion, brothels offer nothing more than sexual services.

In case of escorts, there’s always consent. There are vibes of companionship. Escorts provide real girlfriendexperience. An escort is someone you’d hire to be sexy, appealing and charming. She accompanies you to your business or social event.

You can take an escort out on a date. Be informed that sex may not be on the table unless you explicitly request. However, as a matter of truth, escort agencies offer sexual services.

Now, let’s understand the legal nuances:

In a few areas where prostitution is illegal and sex work is criminalized, escort agencies are usually on the radar of higher authorities. However, authorities are likely to leave escort agencies alone as all the records prove that clients booked escorts for non-sexual activities and if an escort with a client, that’s because she took a liking for him / her. Witty!

Authorities are more worried about serious concerns such as drug abuse, human trafficking, etc.

The following 8 cities in the US are notorious for escort work, street brothels, drug abuse and women trafficking:


  1. Miami

  1. Dallas
  2. Atlanta
  3. Washington D.C.
  4. Kansas City
  5. Denver
  6. Seattle
  7. San Diego


Unfortunately, many brothels masquerade as escort agencies. The worth of sex market in each of the afore-listed 8 cities is estimated to anywhere between $200 million and $300 million.

Of course, not every escort agency is a sham. There are genuine escort agencies.

Las Vegas, Amsterdam, and Miami are the hubs of the best escort girls. Escorts belonging to these cities are curvy, gorgeous, well-behaved, healthy and intelligent.

Top 7 Escort Sites

Many people have tough time finding escorts. There are many escort websites that promise filthy and fun nights. In reality, they are fake and may not deliver anything.

If you are looking for girlfriend experience, or a dominatrix, or an obedient slave who respects your BDSM fantasies, you should alwayspick A-level escorts. This brings me to the most frequently asked question – where can I find escorts?

Here’s a list of the best escort sites:

Site #1:

This website houses a list of escorts and escort sites that are categorized as Escorts, Massage, BDSM, etc. For all intents and purposes, this categorization is based on orientation.

When you land on its Home page,you are likely to notice that a vast majority of listed escorts are filtered based on your location.

There are a couple of drop-down lists that let you change your country and city. You can search for your favorite escort(s) based on parameters such as Real Pics, Available for Travel, Online, Verified Contact Details, Porn star, etc.

You will find male, female and transsexual escorts. There’s a dedicated New Escorts tab that directs you to the newest and gorgeously hot escorts.

Site #2:

No doubt, the website name tricks you into believing that is a euro-centric website. But here’ the truth- This escort website includes shemales, boys and babes from all the corners of the globe.

No matter what, you will find a hottie that satisfies your anal cravings. There are impressive filters that let you sort escorts based on appearance, ethnicity, orientation, etc.

Of course, quite a significant number of escorts are white and Asian, but there’s no dearth of black, Indian, and Arabian escorts. As a matter of fact, you can find a good number of escorts belonging to mixed races.

Site #3: Escort Index

If you are residing in the United States or Mexico or the United Kingdom, this website helps you find escorts in different shapes, sizes and ethnicities.

This website has a huge collection of models – Russian, Indian, MILF, American, etc.

There are countless models that pander to your fetish-oriented desires. You can find dancers as well. In other words, if you have a thing for lap dances and dry humps, this is the best site to fulfill your sexual desires.

Site #4:

This isn’t a website. But it’s a powerful forum with more than 500,000 registered members.

Right from finding bareback beauties to escorts that offer massages, BDSM and other erotic services, this forum brings people together and helps them stay connected.

It’s common to see people sharing their sex-related adventures, travel experiences with escorts, pictures, maps, guides about streetwalkers and sex workers, etc.

Sometimes, discussions may go off-topic. However, there’s enough content to keep you occupied.

If you are into trash-talking and love voyeuristic experiences, keep tracking discussions on various threads. There’s a large FAQ section. Do read the questions before posting your doubt(s) or concerns.

Site #5:

This is the go-to site to book gorgeous and curvy escorts in UK. The best thing is that all its listed escorts are well-trained and well-behaved.

A vast majority of its escorts are in cities such as London, Birmingham, and Manchester. Without question, the United Kingdom is blessed with diversity. From black women to white natives, you can find escorts of diverse ethnicities.

You can filter escorts by city, photos, videos, reviews, price, etc. There’s a provision for free users to report fake profile. Registered members can share their reviews. They can add comments as well.

Site #6: Girl Directory

If you want to date sugar babes, experienced whores, busty webcam girls and A-class escorts, Girl Directory will not disappoint you.

Memorable experiences are in the offing. If you have a thing for Lesbian and mature escorts, this escort website will deliver nothing but heaven.

Site #7:

This renowned site lets you have an affair with voluptuous escorts. This is an exquisite website known for providing young and stunning blondes, mature milfs and attractive teens.

Right from strip dance to bare back blowjobs, escorts fulfill your every wild fantasy.

How to find Escorts

Now that you know where to find escorts, allow me to explain how to book an escort.

It’s an easy process to make an appointment with your favorite escort.

On the Home page, choose your country and city.

Sort your escorts based on your preferences such as ethnicity, height, weight, body shape, age, hair color, eyes, etc. Make the best use of filters.

Make sure that you go-through the profile sections of escorts. A few escorts may not be willing to provide services such as fisting, extreme BDSM, etc. It makes sense to acquaint yourself with the various types of services that your favorite escorts offer.

If you want to initiate a conversation, make use of the available CTA (Call to Action) button.

Many escort websites contain reviews and comments. More often than not, clients tend to share their experience(s) in the form of reviews. Read the reviews. If reviews suggest a thumbs up, just proceed.

If you think there’s a problem, you can report the same.  you have enough reason to believe that a particular profile is fake, report the same as fake.

Based on the availability status of the escort, you can either book her / him immediately or schedule an appointment accordingly.

You will be directed to payments section where you can avail many payment processing options such as adult payment gateways, Credit Card, etc. Not many sites accept partial payments. It’s suggested to make your payment in whole and complete.

Book a hotel room for a night. Talk to your escort. Have dinner.Use condom(s).Have safe sex. Get yourself a shower after fucking your favorite hottie.

How to Build an Escort Website

Just purchase a domain. Choose a domain name that’s catchy and relevant. If you are planning on starting an escort agency in India, domain name should be something like or

Target a particular niche. Build a database of niche-oriented keywords. Analyze the traffic volume for each keyword.

Understand the profile of your clients. Do you want to target high net-worth clients? Or do you want of offer cheap escort services? It’s not recommended to offer cheap and premium escorts. You will be diluting your brand equity and salience.

In essence, focus on one niche and one category of services.

Now, you require a website that can promote your escort agency and services. You can’t see how to start an escort agency unless you put an important ingredient of a successful business model -a well-designed website that’s loaded with growth hacking features.

Let me share my experience. I purchased xScorts and I recommend you the same.

xScorts is an escort agency turnkey script. There are many reasons to choose xScorts.

Enlisted below are a few:

Time and Money

If you hire a couple of web developers and a software tester, be ready to spend at-least USD $35000. That’s a fortune!Additionally, and more importantly, be ready to patiently wait for at-least 2 months. The traditional approach of website development has too many disadvantages.

An escort agency turnkey script is affordable. And yes, you can launch your site in less than a day.

Escort Site Design

xScorts has many incredibly looking templates and layouts. You can choose a template, manage all its features by accessing the built-in admin panel. It goes without saying that eye-catchy and responsive site design will maximize your earnings!

Unlimited Photos and Videos

There are no hosting limits. You can manage the gallery of your escorts’ photos and videos

Mobile Version

Now-a-days, clients tend to look for escorts on their mobiles. Thanks to xScorts escort agency script, your site design is compatible with tablets, laptops and mobiles.

Admin System

Admin System allows you to edit and add images, videos, etc. You can add or remove banners, modify the website layout, play with the settings and do a lot more!

Security and Privacy

Let’s say a model is from Germany. She can block clients from her country. It takes not more than a couple of clicks to accomplish this. If there are annoying visitors who engage in spamming, she can block them as well.

Other impressive features:

  • Higher Traffic – Link building growth hacking features
  • SEO features
  • Social Media add-ons
  • Photo verification
  • Professional Email Address
  • Professional Fast Support Service
  • Great Banner Design
  • Newsletter Option
  • Analytics (History of transactions, number of bookings, etc.)

In the About Us page, articulate the purpose of your escort website. Clearly mention the niche that your escort site caters to.

Refund policy, terms and conditions, etc., should be drafted after consulting a proper legal attorney.

Make sure to include a Contact Us page.

How to Drive Traffic on Website

Now that you know you how to start an escort business site, let’s understand how to drive traffic.

Escort Directories

The ultimate marketing tools are escort directories. Submit your escort website to all the renowned escort directories.

Facebook Page

A regularly-updated Facebook page is required. Don’t post any nude content. Just keep posting relevant content on the page. If you post nude content, clients may dismiss your site as a useless brothel.


Tweet 5 times a day. Follow webcam girls, models and amateurs on Twitter.


Publish a monthly newsletter. Throw an insight into who is doing what, who is travelling where, list of planned and upcoming events, gossip, informative articles, etc. Share the experiences of girls working with you. Share their interests, likes and hobbies.

Newsletters should have loads of pictures. Incorporate creative sections such as “Escort of the month”, “New recruits of the month”, etc. Do not disclose too much personal detail.

Print Ads

Run small classified print ads in one or two popular newspapers in your area. Make sure to use creative headings.


There’s a huge audience on Quora. The audience is curious to know about escorts, escort agencies, etc. Write answers on Quora. Become an influencer on Quora.

Offline Marketing

During college fests and celebrations, distribute your business cards. Get posters printed, strategically place them at dinner dates, theatres, banquets, parties, etc., and spread the good word.

Collaborate with car rentals, hotels, restaurants, etc. Bottomline, offline marketing is as important as online marketing.

How to Make Money with Online Escort Service

There are two monetization channels – One from the escort side and another from the user side.
If escorts want to feature their profile, they should pay a recurring subscription fee every month.
If user wants to see escorts phone number, he / she should pay a recurring subscription fee every month. By the way, all phone numbers are verified by sending an OTP message to the escort phone.

Let me explain with an example.

Let’s say you have 3 escorts – Julia, Jenny and Jennifer

Escort Charges per hour
Julia $200 USD
Jenny $100 USD
Jennifer $200 USD


In the admin panel of the escort agency script, you can set your commission rate. Let’s say, it’s 30%.

If a client books Julia for 4 hours, he’s required to pay $200 × 4 = $800.

Your commission: $800 × 30% = $240 USD.

If another client books Jenny and Jennifer for a double blow-job, for an hour (let’s say), your commission: ($100 + $200) × 30% = $90 USD.

It’s simple math. It’s not calculus!

That’s it folks. You now know where to find escorts online and how to start an escort agency online.

Make money with escort business. Che

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