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There’s not a single period in the life of a woman more beautiful than pregnancy. You’re carrying your bundle of joy under your heart while you look glowing as you get to enjoy all sorts of treats you once denied yourself because of the fear of not being able to fit into your favourite jeans. While pregnancy has its perks, it also can be challenging when it comes to fashion choices. If you’re having trouble putting together a fashionable ensemble, we have a few tricks that will make the next dress up a piece of cake.

Invest in A-line tops:

A-line tops have the ability to conceal your baby bump discreetly while allowing it to grow without a problem. The flowy structured cut will accentuate just enough of your breast area while also draping over the stomach seamlessly. Empire waist tops will also flow away from the tummy, making enough room for the bump to grow while allowing you to wear them for more than just a month. Considering your belly won’t disappear after the baby is born, you’ll need clothes to hide your tummy a little, and A-line and empire waist tops will be perfect in that case.

Shop for maternity clothes:

Instead of reaching for a bigger size in the regular clothes section, switch to the maternity section and shop for the clothes that will actually fit you. Maternity clothes are designed specifically for pregnancy, having in mind all the changes that the body goes through. Avoid looking frumpy in a t-shirt that’s designed for bulkier figures, and pick out your size in the maternity section. Your body is growing along with your baby, which is why you should swap your regular jeans for stylish and comfortable maternity jeans and offer yourself the ever-needed comfort. Maternity shirts and sweatpants will look much better than any plus-size pair will so don’t be afraid to visit the maternity section because it can only work to your advantage.

Don’t forget maternity bras and underwear:

Investing in maternity bras and undergarments is vital if you want to make every outfit work. Your bust will grow just like any other part of your body, and you can even go for a whole cup bigger, which is why you should look for supportive maternity bras to keep your breasts secured. Invest in a few Maternity Underwear and bras that are a little bigger during the first trimester because your breasts will grow month after month. If you start experiencing breast discomfort at night, you’ll need a sleeping bra for extra support. Panties in a larger size alongside maternity panties that come up higher on the tummy will also be one of the pregnancy essentials that will make your figure flawless in anything you wear.

Stock up on dresses:

Whether you’re expecting during summer or winter, dresses will make the entire pregnancy much more bearable. Empire waist dresses, just like tops, are one of the best choices. They’ll flow away from your body making your figure look perfectly proportional without making you look too bulky. Body con dresses are probably already in your closet, and if they’re not too short, but rather a midi length, you can wear them during pregnancy as well and enjoy putting them on again when all the baby weight is long gone. Flowy dresses are the perfect choice for warm summer months when all you want is the wind to flow through your clothes and freshen you up whenever possible, while also making you look gorgeous.

Final thoughts:

Pregnancy doesn’t have to make you give up on your style. As long as you know a few tricks, you can make any piece of clothing work for you during pregnancy and even when you’ve had your baby.

After you’ve had your child you probably won’t have the same figure before you got pregnant. Don’t worry, your body will eventually go back to normal if you diet and exercise diligently. You could also try using a waist trainer after you give birth in order to make the progress a bit faster.

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