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They say, “Cheers to Beginnings”! Beginning of anything is always seen as something beautiful. But the part that often goes unnoticed is that, beginnings can be tough, it requires a lot of hard work to start something, the challenges that come with new beginnings can often demotivate us. Either it is starting a new job or playing free online games, if something is new, then it requires practice, patience and understanding.

So let us give a new perspective to new beginnings. Instead of complicating things, we can take small steps towards huge success. We can do the same with online gaming.

If you are a newbie, and if you haven’t had the childhood full of video games, to be honest then gaming can be difficult. To make it easier, you can always start by playing easier games, with easier functions and rules. 

Some of the best games that can help a Newbie improve are here:

Best games for Newbie:

     1. Minecraft:

With this game you get to create a world of your own, using cubes. This game is quite popular among young kids, but this is a type of game which people from every age group would enjoy. You get thousands of destructible cubes to build the things you want. Here you get to use your imagination. Amazing, right? To add some fun and thrill to this game, you also get to fight monsters at night time and so you can save the world. Get the feels of a creator and superhero at the same time. 

This is the best game to start your gaming with. You could get creative and get comfortable with it.

      2. Journey:

Everything gets easy when it is realistic. That is the way with games too. Journey is one such game where you get a real experience on being in a desert. You are a lone wanderer in the mountains, in the icy winds, etc. You get to solve puzzles and the feeling of actually being lost.


What can be a better way to play online games than playing the actual game we used to play. All of us have been playing card games from a long time. When we get to play them, there is a sense of comfort and well known. It is easy to play and for someone who is a newbie known games are much better for practice. Rummy has always been a way to earn and have fun at once. That is the way you can do it with online Indian rummy. Online spectrum of card games provides you with a lot of opportunity.

     4. Florence:

Soulmate? Love? It is difficult find love easily. Well, you can always fulfil that fantasy of yours through this game. You get to fall in love like real time. Feel the excitement, giddiness, the heart break. You can whole heartedly commit to the character and fall in love from your heart. 

    5. Portal 2:

If you are someone who is into science and is a physics maniac then this is the perfect game. You get to solve mazes and puzzles. You are a test subject stuck in a library. To get out of there you use the help of a robot and do all the amazing tasks to get out of there.

For a beginner this can be a little complex. But it really challenges your potential. This game has a highly engaging story. So, you are in for an amazing ride full of obstacles and excitement.

Once you get the hang of easier games, then playing complicating games will be just work of your muscle memory and pure skill.

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