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Working from home is not ideal for everyone, but you can enhance the experience by starting with a comfortable and practical chair. These are our favorite office chairs for this confinement.

When you work from home, you have the luxury of being able to do it in your bed just when you wake up or finish a report in your pajamas from the sofa. However, as comfortable as it may be, this is not a good thing for your back, neck or hands.

Sitting wrong can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches or other afflictions that you will surely want to avoid. To protect yourself from this, it is best to create a workspace at home with a table and a good chair.

If you have already tried to work from the table and one of the chairs in your dining room, surely you have realized that it is not the most comfortable space in the world to work for eight hours every weekday.

Faced with this, the solution is an office chair. There are a wide variety of designs and prices, but there are certain factors to consider before making a purchase. First of all, it should be adjustable so that you can also support your lower back.

This means that you should be able to adjust the seat height, how reclined the chair is, and the position of the backrest. You should have your knees slightly higher than your hip and make sure your feet touch the ground (a footrest is a good alternative).

When adjusting the height of your chair, you also have to make sure that your arms are close to your torso and that your forearms are parallel to the ground. Also forget about crossing your legs while you work.

This is our selection of the best office chairs that can help you be more productive while not harming your body. In case you want to use it to play video games, you will be interested in our article on best gaming chairs. Check here Saim Deals

IKEA Markus office chair

One of the first places to look if we want to buy something for the house without spending a fortune is IKEA. It is also the case of chairs, and is that the Swedish company has a wide variety of chairs of different styles and prices.

The Markus Task Chair comes with adjustable height and angle, a mesh backrest that should keep it from overheating in the summer and rubberized casters with brakes to keep the chair from flying off when you get up.

Swivel office chair

You don’t have to spend a lot of money for a decent chair, as is the case with this swivel office chair that you can find on Amazon. The breathable mesh backrest adjusts to your back and also prevents you from getting caught in hot weather.


You can also adjust the height and tilt of the chair. In fact, it is reclining up to 125º. It has a solid structure with a base of five wheels covered with plastic. The armrests are ergonomic and will help you spend more comfortable working hours.

Santiago de Ofisillas office armchair

If you want a more elegant option for your home office, then you will like the Santiago office armchair from the Official online store. It comes with a great double layer padding that will facilitate its use for hours.

The synthetic leather upholstery is very easy to clean and its structure is stable and robust. With the lift lever, you can adjust the comfort level and choose a softer or stiffer state according to your preference.

Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair

If money is not an issue, then there is no doubt that Herman Miller’s Aeron is one of the best office chairs on the market. The design is very well studied. For example, the mesh backing allows it to sweat and not overheat.

You can also regulate the position of the chair by up to eight points, and thus achieve the comfort expected of a chair with these characteristics. It’s not cheap, but when you find the right angle, it will have been worth it.

Secretlab Omega Dark Knight gaming chair

A chair does not have to be only functional, but you can treat it as one more decorative element of your home and choose one that reflects your personality. If you’re a fan of Batman and you like video games, the Secretlab Omega Dark Knight maybe for you. 

It is a completely leather chair decorated with the Batman emblem. It also comes with the head part and the lower back padded with memory foam that will offer you the comfort you are looking for both in your gaming sessions and at work.

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