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It’s amazing how travelling really changes our mind and satisfies the desire to see the unseen. Throughout our journeys, we learn many amusing facts and issues. And most of the time, we face no problems when we travel domestically. But sometimes we do, and problems can arise when we travel back to our home country. In this article, I’ve collected some easy tips to follow for the travellers who are planning to travel abroad. It will help them to have a safe journey on the both way of their trip.

Always have clear cut travel plan

Before starting out on your journey, decide exactly where you want to go. Think about the kind of place it is, and whether you’ll enjoy it more during high season or low season. It’s also a good idea to consider the kind of weather you will experience at that location. Some places are more beautiful when it’s raining, some when the sun is out, some when the snow falls, and others are just breathtaking no matter what the weather is like.

Bring up-to-date and valid necessary documents

Update your legal documents. Check the passport validity for your trip to another country. Some countries prefer tourist visas to welcome the tourists for a period less than three months. Apply in advance if you need such visas. You can keep a photocopy set of passport, visa, driving license etc. separately, and can use them in case of losing the originals.

Keep extra amount of money with you

If you’re going to travel anywhere in the world, it’s best to keep a small amount of local currency with you in an easy-to-access place. That way, if your purse or wallet gets lost or stolen, you’ll have some way to get money to help repair the damages.

Acquire medical insurance-a wise decision

If you are going on an expensive vacation, it is wise to have some type of medical insurance. It will give you the peace of mind to know you and your family are covered if you become sick or injured during your travels.

Don’t leave children alone

The most vulnerable section of the society is children. They need special attention while on a trip or when you are away from home. Keep them close to you at all times, and let them know you are thinking about them. Let them know you care.


Don’t forget to bring driving license

The United Nations International Driving Permit is especially designed for the tourists. It is the license approved by the United Nations for the greater good of the travelers around the world. Use it whenever you are traveling in a foreign country. It will help you get around safely and easily.


Inform your family in advance about travel plan

Make a calendar for your trip and leave copies with your family and friends. It will help to find you in case of emergency and it will help your family and friends to know what to do if they should suddenly run into you.

Carry required essential stuff

When you travel, it’s important to be safe. You should dress simply, carry only what is necessary and avoid foods, beverages and other items that are bought by strangers. Most of all, use your “common sense” to stay out of trouble!

Feel free to ask local people about unknown places

It’s better to use the tourist map to find your way around an unfamiliar city. Ask for help from a local if you need it. Take the bus or the train for a long distance journey. Use nearby rental services for a luxurious car. Drive safely.

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