Blue Mountains Accommodation 5 Star Guide

If you want to visit the one and only Wolgan Valley near Sydney (it’s only about two and a half hours away), then you can head over to the Blue Mountains Luxury Lodge – one of Australia’s many 5 star luxury resorts that can give you the most spectacular experiences for you and your loved ones. The lodge and the Blue Mountains region covers a vast 7,000 acre area in the heart of the local protected wildlife area of Australia, and has 40 different villas available for you to stay at. In this 5 Star Blue Mountains accommodation guide, we’re going to give you a more detailed view with words so you can capture the scenery in your mind before you visit and see it for yourself!

Amenities Galore

Whether you’re wanting to see all the exquisite views of the natural scene that the Blue Mountains has to offer, or if you’re wanting a private swimming pool for yourself, as well as a luxurious fireplace (a two-sided one nonetheless), you can even sit in the verandah and get some of the best luxury dining experiences, as well as the wine and spirits that only the local region has to offer. When it comes to the wine and food, every bit of the food is organic and healthy, as well as seasonal – everything is sourced and grown by the local farmers and vineyards nearby. Every season is a different season, and the dining experiences as well as the kitchen experience changes right along with them!

Wildlife Refuge in Place

This area is home of some of Australia’s native species of wildlife that can only be found here and in the region, but there are many things that you can look into doing so you can experience the views as well. From taking peaceful hikes, four wheelers (for you ATV enthusiasts) and mountain bike trails, as well as horse riding for an ultimate historic experience, you can see the amazing streams and sparkling waters that flow through the regions springs while you take adventures along hidden and secluded trails for an ultimate private experience.

Spa Relaxation

The region and accommodation include the deluxe spa that can give yourself the treatment that you need in order to create the most relaxing environment and pamper yourself the One & Only way possible. By going to this cozy little escape in the heart of the Blue Mountains, you can truly enjoy your stay at a resort that has won numerous awards for their service and wonderful multiple amenities (all the way down to the special customized and personalized yoga sessions that are available as well).


If you’re going to visit the Blue Mountains region, then the Emirates One and Only Wolgan Valley conservation is the place to go so you can enjoy the most enhanced relaxing experience possible, and at the same time, you can still have plenty of fun with all of the numerous activities you can do! Luxury Lodges of Australia has some of the best packages available for reasonable prices, so you should book your next reservation today!

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