Tue. May 28th, 2024

Blue World City, the magnificent work of architecture that can be described as the BGC-IGC consortium’s top project, is located near the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2), situated on the CPEC route and just 20 minutes from the New Islamabad International Airport, is the first modern-day residential and tourist attraction.

Blue world city provides the best life with its many attractions, including an exact replica of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque; the world’s highest horse mascot; Rumi’s Square; a 7-star hilltop hotel; and an internationally renowned water theme park. All this is backed by secure and simple investment plans for local and foreign investors. The inclusion of the Blue World Economic Zone makes it an ideal place for both international and local companies and traders to carry out their business near to and along the CPEC route.

Blue World Housing Society is an innovative community with all the top facilities and amenities necessary for a relaxing life. It includes 24 hours of gas, electricity, water, hospitals, schools, 24 hour maintenance, intelligent security systems, a mosque, a cineplex, a fitness center, and more. In terms of the development of the project, it’s certain that it is growing rapidly. Our architects and engineers, as well as town planners and technical supervisors, constantly monitor the progress of the project.


Blue World City is owned and developed by Saad Nazir, chief executive officer and founder of the Blue Group of Companies and the chairman of BWC. The Blue Group of Companies (BGC) is the largest company in Pakistan. BGC began providing services in the field of architectural design and construction to its customers in Lahore, Pakistan, in 1998. The company has grown to capture a significant market share. BGC offers customers numerous services in one place. This includes the acquisition of real estate development, design marketing, construction, and IT support for commercial and residential properties. With over 300 employees at any given time, it has developed into a major player in the field of real estate. The BGC is unparalleled in terms of both size and diversity.

Corporate Structure:

  • Blue Properties
  • Brands Square
  • Artimmix
  • Blue bricks
  • Blue media
  • Blue palms
  • WPZ
  • Mart Blue

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