Focusing on Brand Building in the New Normal

As the pandemic sweeps across the world and economies struggle to cope, so are businesses re-examining how to position and build their brands. The changes brought about by the Pandemic are immense and it seems unlikely that our lives will go back to what they were – There have shifts in customer preferences, tastes, behavioral patterns and spending. How should companies cope? 

How can they realign the messaging in their brands that has the online trademark registration for better reach? For example, people have returned to cable television, watch reruns of old movies and series. Staying indoors and playing board gamers in in vogue again.

With WFH (work from home) and remote working becoming mainstream, many customer priorities have changed. The transition to online has been extremely swift for everyone…students, professionals, and the like. In these times of change, brands which connect with their consumers on an emotional level, ensuring that their communications resonate with them, will benefit. Companies which have planned for the long term will ensure that the communication they send out, is backed up by actions on the ground.

Let’s look at some priorities that brands can instill for brand building in the new normal:  

Being Helpful: 

These are times when people are definitely more vulnerable than ever and a brand that shows empathy can make strong headway. Show some empathy in your messaging and ensure that the customer’s emotions are addressed. The brands that try to exploit this phase for profit will not do well. Everywhere we see brands going the extra mile to help people. Swiggy has set up a relief fund to help welfare of its delivery partners and their families. While Oyo has opened its hotels to Corona warriors – doctors, nurses, paramedics, etc.…who are fighting the Virus on a daily basis.

Leveraging media creatively:

Because people are confined to their homes, they still need the essential goods like groceries, food, medicines, transfer of money, etc.…More and more consumers are online these days and thus this is the best time to use your media-mix creatively. Delivering creative messages that resonate with your audiences through social media will help. Building a fast-response model with their agencies, brands need to be quite agile as customers are quite likely to change their opinions with new trends on social media platforms.  

Identifying with Good: 

In the current situation, it is important to remember that branding during difficult times has to be more than just messaging. Today brands are being judged on multiple parameters, like their business, HR, supply chains, customer satisfaction, etc.…If brands decide to act with empathy, kindness and goodness, they will strike a chord with people. They will be remembered. Whether it is donating medicines, food, blood, medical supplies or continuing to pay employees even if the firm is closed, companies have contributed in many ways. While some companies agilely tweaked their capabilities to manufacture sanitizers, others leveraged their manufacturing abilities to make respirators & ventilators. These selfless acts help to boost public perception of the companies and stand them in good stead in the future. 

Harnessing Innovation for the brand: 

The Pandemic having forced brands to invest in technology, this is the time to get innovative. With WFH and remote working, lockdowns, quarantine – the digital & online world is more the norm than the exception. Offering a superior digital experience to the customers boosts the company’s brand immensely. Brands should identify the digital experiences that give good traction and improve upon them, to build stronger relationships with customers. 

Quite a few skincare brands are now manufacturing hand sanitizers and textile firms are producing PPE suits & hospital gowns. These companies have taken the crisis as an opportunity and innovated similar to how opened up its partners platform and are now offering syrow discount offer to bring innovation through synergies. Taking a collaborative approach to the business and looking at mutual benefits will ensure that these brands Leveraging this approach of innovation and collaboration will yield good dividends for them later. 


The brands that seize the moment and act decisively to pivot their communications as the situations demand, will be benefitted. People are tired of being confined and of the sweeping changes brought about by the Pandemic. Amidst all this gloom and change, brands that display solidarity, kindness and positivity, will gain traction. Brands will be remembered for what they said and more importantly, for what they did. It is crucial to act with empathy, kindness and in a helpful way. This will go a long way in building up a brand’s reputation.

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