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Break It On Through” is a vibrant electropop track about pushing through hardships to become our best selves. The underlying synths and pop format combined with ethereal lyrics uplift the listener into an inspired and empowered space during these uncertain times we live in.
Andrea is sometimes referred to as the perfect musician because she possesses the triple threats of amazing looks, a beautiful singing voice and music composition. She is impressive whether singing indie music or her typical genre of Pop and Electronic. Having worked in the LA area for a while to build her music knowledge, she has continued to deliver amazing songs. “Break It On Through” is a lively song that is a reflection of Andrea in that it is genuine, unique, beautifully sung and well written.

Break It On Through” tells the story of someone who was feeling held-back finally letting the light within shine. She refers to this inner muse, a sense of creativity and strength within every person that they can tap into to break through the outside noise. At the end, there is a play on words between the muse then become the “music in you”, as if music alone has the power to free us. The production is excellent with all the instruments finely-crafted to induce a nostalgic feeling, a remembering of our own potential even if the outside world is falling around us. Mastering is also technically sound with every aspect of the song coming through the speakers beautifully. If you listen to “Break It On Through” with headphones, you will really enjoy the body of work that Andrea put together.

The song is quintessentially Andrea Desmond in the ways that it shines through from the beginning to the end. You can easily tell that it is one that a lot of work went into. Andrea continues to deliver excellent work and is an inspiration to other artists on how quickly a career can skyrocket given a good work ethic and solid fundamentals. “Break It On Through” should definitely be on your 2020 fall/winter playlist.

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