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Yae Miko, a new five-star Electric Catalyst user in Genshin Impact, was included in the Version 2.3 release. Yae Miko is a versatile character who can both support her squad and deal much damage. However, yae miko in Genshin Impact needs a thorough guide if she is to make the most of her skills.

Yae Miko Overview

Yae Miko is a five-star Electrical Catalyst user, and her skills are centered on her elemental talent, elemental burst, and regular and charged strikes. Her kit enables her to inflict severe Electrical damage, heal and shield her teammates, and apply Electro-Charged to her adversaries.

Off-Field Playstyles for DPS

Yae’s Sesshou Sakura turrets may fire continuously, making her most effective as an off-field DPS. Typically, she will position herself with her Elemental Skill first, give her squad a chance to enter and exit, then return to the field to cast her burst and reset her Skill before leaving again.

DPS in the Field

Yae can also be used as a DPS on the field. Yae continues to play on the field after resetting her Skill, weaving in Normal and Charged Attacks, despite being comparable to the off-field playstyle. However, Yae lacks interruption resistance bonuses and invulnerability frames on the spells she casts with her elemental skills, making her vulnerable to interruptions.


Teambuilding in general

Yae may be easily inserted into various teams due to the nature of her elemental skill. Yae like to team up with other Electros who can generate a lot of energy, manage their field time wisely, and have cooldowns and ability uptimes that match the duration of her turrets. Yae does not snapshot any of her Talents. Therefore, units with off-field, long-lasting ATK, EM, or DMG% bonuses are also very welcome.

Solo Electro Flex

Yae can also be deployed as a lone Electro flex unit in any squad that can benefit from her off-field Electro application and damage. She uses her skill only, skipping her burst or using it whenever available (typically every 3 rotations or more).

Yae is most similar to Fischl as a solo Electro flex unit. Fischl’s particle production is lower, and Yae’s single-target Electro application is slower. Even considering Yae’s prolonged field time, C0 Yae’s contribution to team DPS, when she is deployed as a non-burst solo Electro unit, is frequently on par with or slightly better than non-C6 Fischl but lower than C6 Fischl. In teams with more reactions, the performance gap between C0 Yae and C6 Fischl as a solo Electro flex expands dramatically. By being a 5-star, Yae with Constellations vastly out scales Fischl regarding raw damage.


Kagura’s Verity

Best in a slot; offers a lot of DMG%, which raises the value of ATK% stats.

A Thousand Floating Dreams

Healthy option in Dendro teams but typically weak outside of that. It can be a good choice if the entire team utilizes EM effectively.

Skyward Atlas

Powerful stat stick and often the second-best weapon outside of Dendro teams. Even in an off-field playstyle, the passive can occasionally be activated by weaving a Normal Attack before casting a Skill or a Burst—an excellent choice when the ATK buff is low.

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds

That is another impressive stat stick. The passive is typically not something Yae can employ, but the CRIT Rate carries itself well enough.

Memory of Dust

When played on a field, comparable to Skyward Atlas but often weaker. While shielded, it shines in situations with low ATK buffs.

The Widsith

Although the passive might become out of rhythm over rotations, it is typically her most substantial 4* weapon choice. Even with the application of all of Widsith’s bonuses, EM remains the least effective choice. The DMG% enhancement can be her greatest weapon at Refinement 5 in situations involving burst damage. Speed runs may benefit when Yae’s Burst is the focus of optimization.

Solar Pearl

A powerful option that can compete with The Widsith on the field. Passive can be activated by weaving Normal Attacks before using Skill and Burst.

Oathsworn Eye R5

When Bursting every rotation, Oathsworn Eye R5 is a healthy option. In addition to meeting her ER% needs, the passive has virtually 100% uptime.

Yae Miko’s Suggested Artifacts

Yae Miko’s recommended artifact sets are based on her position on the squad. The 4-piece Pale Flame artifact set, which boosts Physical damage and attack power, is the finest artifact set for main DPS Yae Miko. The 4-piece Emblem of Severed Fate artifact set, which enables Elemental Mastery and offers energy regeneration, is the finest artifact set for Yae Miko’s assistance.

Yae Miko Useful Hints

Here are some pointers to help you use Yae Miko in Genshin Impact effectively:

  1. Use her basic elemental skill and burst to overwhelm adversaries with Electric damage.
  2. Apply Electro-Charged to foes and use her regular and charged attacks to deliver more damage.
  3. Support and keep your comrades alive using her healing and shielding powers.
  4. To improve her damage output, team her up with characters who can deliver elemental responses.

Use her adaptability by switching between her primary DPS and support roles as necessary.

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