Building A Second Income

Many of us are learning a great number of lessons from the ongoing pandemic as we’re asked to stay home from work, many of us are unable to work remotely and it has shown the need to develop not only a second income but to learn ways in which we can support ourselves when things are a little tougher – fortunately there are a growing number of platforms that can support this and those who have shown the way to make it easier for everyone else.

The first method many are using is more aimed towards though a little crafty, particularly for garments as mandatory mask requirements have led to the emergence of a big market for many – sites such as Etsy have provided a platform that allow those who are a little handy to make some valuable homemade products and sell them, there are even those who have been able to find success in personal branding to turn this short term hobby into a full time job – whilst it may take some time to build to this point if you’re just looking to start out it does at least provide the possibility of supporting yourself.

The other is a little more broad and utilises sites such as Fiverr, whilst also supporting some crafts and arts this is more aimed creative work whether at an amateur level or professional – the options are extremely far ranging, whether this be for musicians looking to make a little for their ability in playing and instrument, coders or artists looking to take their daily profession and make a little from what is effectively freelancing, or even those just looking to provide a handy service online for those in need – depending on your skill level and ability you’re able to set your own price point and provide examples with a steady feedback system that provide an indicator of what to expect, if you’re looking to stay on top of your craft during the down period whilst being unable to work remotely or just simply looking to use some of your extra free time to create a little safety pocket, it has served as a great alternative or support measure for many.

There are also plenty of not so certain methods too as a growing number are turning to online games particularly on our mobile devices for their chance of winning what they can – operators are registering new sites as this WG Casino review shows how popular sites have been emerging during the pandemic period and the success of online betting can’t be underestimate either as major sporting events begin to return, but this comes with many difficulties and for many isn’t really a reliable approach to forming a second income. 

With many measures starting to ease and the possibility of returning to work looking imminent, these may become less of a crutch and more of an optional extra, but this has also taught an invaluable lesson that it may be time to seek out other opportunities to help supplement your job, especially to safeguard from future emergencies.

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