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To walk with your head held high, look classy and be the envy of the crowd wear the yellow sapphire.


The Pukhraj gemstone is a very eye-catching and valuable (in more ways than one) stone. It is valuable because it is a very powerful stone astrologically and its beauty is unique. If you want to look like you are part of the ‘Page 3” set you just need to wear jewelry made of this yellow sapphire and you will fit. It gives a very rich and elegant look and enhances your personality. If you wear a fake Pukhraj stone then it may look good for a while but it won’t last. In fact, it may have adverse effects astrologically.

The Adverse Effects 

The fake Pukhraj stone can cause a lot of trouble like if it does not have luster and is transparent you will create enemies and there will be disharmony in the family, a cracked stone will bring theft. A stone with a web will give you stomach disorders. A milky one will be the cause of injuries to the body. If it has red dots then it leads to the destruction of wealth. Black and white stones are harmful to the cattle of the wearer. A stone which has depression will be the cause of anxiety and will disturb the mind. A fake stone will work against you. Therefore, buy Pukhraj gemstone online which is convenient and you will get the best if you know how to distinguish between real and imitation Pukhrajstone. You will also get a certificate along with the gemstones, therefore, you can be rest assured that they are genuine. There are online auctions that take place 365 days of the year.

Tips to Identify an Authentic Pukhraj

Though it is a difficult task you need to be able to tell between an authentic Pukhraj gemstone and a fake one.

Compare the Pukhraj stone to glass. The real one is clear and is rich in color. The real one is a hard stone.  Therefore, after buying it, rub it against something hard. If it gets scratches then it is fake. Also, a genuine Pukhraj will have very few inclusions that cannot be seen with the naked eye. If you see bubbles or something flowing when you look at the stone then it is not genuine. To increase the luster of the stone, a dishonest jeweler will fill the hole with impure substances like borax, etc. He will remove the impurity. You need to check this with a  magnifying glass. There should not be an X sign on the back of the stone. If there is then it is not genuine. Do not buy a stone with grooves. Pure Pukhraj will have some inclusions which you can look for with a magnifying glass. The Pukhraj stone is warm when you hold it.

Make sure you buy Pukhraj stone online from a reputed dealer who gives a proper certificate for it.

Unique Feature of the Original Pukhraj

A very unique feature of a genuine Pukhraj stone is that it gives out cosmic rays which are light blue. When you see it through a prism you can see a light blue color which is very soothing. This is due to its connection with the Jupiter planet. This a very mystical quality which it possesses.

The Pukhraj gemstone is a very cherished and popular stone in India. This is because it is good for the well- being of every individual. It is a positive stone that brings a lot of personal enrichment and good health. Jewelers love this stone because it looks gorgeous and some very pretty jewelry can be made with it. Its rich look helps it sell. In India, people who hold high status love to wear it like industrialists, bureaucrats, artists, politicians. It has gained a lot of popularity with celebrities. Many of them wear engagement rings with this gem in it. The price of this magical, pretty stone is affordable. Therefore the trend of wearing this stone is growing. It enhances an individual’s personality and gives a very rich look, along with being auspicious.






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