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Can eggs be frozen ?

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Eggs can definitely be frozen. If it is well frozen, it can even last up to a year. But for more freshness, it is recommended to use them within four months. Generally, cook and baker master the art of freezing and thawing leftover yolks and white eggs separately to use it in the future. 

Why freeze eggs? 

Freezing egg is a natural alternative to avoid wasting eggs. In some cases, you may be left with spare egg whites or yolks after dealing with a recipe that only requires one of them. Sometimes, you should also throw up eggs as they hit the expiry date. 

But in order to keep the safety of the eggs while freezing them, you have to follow up some picky steps. To begin with, you should crack the egg out of its shell. This is necessary to prevent it from breaking because during the freezing process, the white and the yolk will naturally expand. 

Before freezing the egg, you should also make sure you really have fresh egg. After, when you will put raw eggs in containers before the freezing process, you should leave a half-inch room to free its expansion. 

You shouldn’t then forget to label all the containers with the following information: the date of the beginning of its freezing, the volume of eggs that you put in the container and some details related to external ingredients you may need for your future reference. 

Freeze eggs with the best ways

The method you decide to use to freeze your eggs matter less but what is important is to make sure you properly freeze all its components that is to say its yolks and its whites. This is in fact possible to avoid modifying its texture. You should also add date to its container to help you keep track on its frozen life. 

For some practical reasons, you can also portion them before the freezing process. Reusable container including zip top freezer bag or ice cube trays may then be used for this purpose. 

How to freeze whole eggs, white and yolk?

In order to get fresh frozen egg, you need to beat together the white and the yolk. After, make sure to pour it together into a hermetic container that is appropriate for the freezer. You can also freeze them in ice cube trays. Once it’s done, ticket a date, seal it and freeze. 

 But you can also decide to freeze only the whites. For that, you also have to mix all the white before pouring it into a container. Seal them tightly before freezing. But in order to speed up the thawing process, it’s better to freeze them in smaller quantities. 

If you want to only freeze the yolk, you should first separate it out. Then, put in into a container. As it has a thicker consistence, yolk requires a different process of freezing. In fact, if you left it in its former form, it will gel. 

And to avoid its turning sticky, make sure to add in specific extra ingredients before freezing it. Generally, salt or sugar can be enough. For each 240 ml of raw egg, you can add half a teaspoon of salt or one to one and a half teaspoon of sugar. 

You can also use sugar syrup. For four yolks, you need three or four teaspoon of concentrate syrup. You can also whisk it thoroughly into your yolk before freezing it. While adding these seasoning, you should take into account the purpose you may require, whether you will use the yolk for sweet or savory recipes.

 These seasoning will immediately stop the gelation process of the yolk. But for better results, you can use the yolks within a few months. 

Defrosting and eating steps

Frozen eggs should be completely thawed before use. They can be safely eaten and used within different kind of dishes. To prepare them, don’t cook them directly from frozen. To prevent any exposure to bacteria, you can defrost them by taking them off of the fridge and store them overnight. 

If you want to use them immediately, you can also run cold water over its container. Once they have thawed, make sure to consume them immediately. 

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