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The bighorn safe has been the ‘talk of the town’ for quite some time. Coming under some spectacular prices, some people think that this safe is their best option to save their guns or weapons making sure they are away from the children, while the others might not be very satisfied with it and just consider it as an overpriced depository. 

This article will help clear out all the uncertainty you might have, as well as shed some light on how can a person break into the bighorn safe. 

Construction (Bighorn Classic).

So this gun safe, has a 12 gauge steel body. 2.78 mm thick outer steel shell. Which ensures a good level of steel protection. It also has a protective lining providing a decent fire rating about 30-70 minutes, depending on the safe type you are going for. 

A mid-sized storing capacity to fit long guns, hand guns, ammo, major documentations and also other valuables. According to the manufacturer, it can hold up to about 24 guns. 

An electronic lock to avoid breaking in through common household items. Which is tested through a number of break-in tests and is known to meet the UL’s safety standards.

The lock has a swing bolt design. It requires a 6 digit PIN code to unlock the safe. Upon too many incorrect entries the safe is programmed to go into a temporary locked mode.  

It can weigh around 600-700 pounds. It is also available with mirror doors that are equally strong enough.

These world-famous safes are manufactured in China, from where they are shipped to the stated and stored into Rhino’s facilities. Before they are shipped to your home, quality checks are done to make sure that the product is worth it. 

Breaking in into bighorn safe.

So, there are a lot of fancy techniques out there, flooding the internet that enlightens you with the burglary break in tests you can perform on your safe and check them for yourselves.  

Some well-known tests include;

The hammer and punch attack test. This test method includes, the breaking of the lock outside the door of the safe to see whether or not it will open up the safe itself. You take a hammer and just knock the lock off the door. 

Next test is the hinge attack. This method includes sawing off all the hinges from the gun safe and check opening the door with the help of pry bars.

Another test is, taking out the safe handle and then taking out on the door with the help of pry bars to see if it comes out. 

You can also try attacking the safe with a full sized axe. 

The following method is the one which has been one of the most successful methods to break into the gun safe. 

This one includes a number of men (more than one) attacking the safe with the help of pry bars. The safe is laid on its back on the floor and then pry bars are forced on to the door by the men. 

Another effective method that has proven results is, laying the safe on the floor and cutting the top of the safe with a circular saw. 

Well, now you know how to perform break in tests on your bighorn safe and decide for yourself.

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