Can’t Go Online With My Netgear Extender. What Should I Do?

It often happens; you have successfully set up your Netgear WiFi range extender but still unable to go online on your connected devices. It is truly annoying! Thousands of Netgear users worldwide report the same issue. Sensing this need, we have come up with this troubleshooting guide to help you fix the ‘can’t go online with Netgear extender’ or ‘lost or dropped internet connection’ issue. Continue reading.

How do I Know I am Unable to Go Online with My Netgear Extender?

On the off chance if you come across one of the below-highlighted issues, it means you will not be able to access internet with your Netgear range extender:

  • Seeing a yellow sign on the network icon
  • No internet access on the connected devices
  • Connected to extender but getting no internet
  • No access to websites
  • Getting ‘No internet’ error message while accessing or any other web page
  • No LED lit up or blink on your Netgear WiFi extender
  • Can’t stream live videos or play online games

Proven Fixes for Netgear Extender WiFi Connection Issues 

Each one of the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps is a separate attempt to fix the Netgear extender connection issue. In the event that one step resolves the issue for you, there is no need to continue with other steps. Let’s get started:

  • Double-Check All Connections

First things first, double-check all connections of your Netgear WiFi range extender, whether it is a wired or wireless. Ensure that every cable is connected to your Netgear extender in a proper manner. There must not be any loose cable connections. Apart from that, bear in mind to check cables as well. They must be non-damaged.

  • Reboot Your WiFi Network

Rebooting your Netgear extender’s WiFi network can help you a lot in fixing connection issues with your Netgear wireless extender. To reboot your Netgear_ext (SSID) network, all you need to power off all your networking devices and then power them back on. Networking devices include computers, smartphones, routers, modems, extenders, smart home devices, gaming consoles, WiFi cameras, and VoIP phones.

To reboot your WiFi network, do the following:

  • Shut down or power off all the devices that are currently connected to your home network.
  • Count to 10.
  • Power off your Netgear extender.
  • After that, turn off your WiFi router and modem as well.
  • Turn on your router first.
  • Thereafter, switch on your Netgear range extender.
  • Now, power on all your wired and wireless devices and reconnect them to your WiFi network.

Now, try to access mywifiext local web page and see if you are now able to access the internet. 

  • Update Your Netgear Extender’s Firmware

Another reason why you can’t go online with Netgear extender is its outdated firmware. It is utterly important to keep your Netgear extender firmware updated. You can update the firmware of your Netgear extender by accessing web page. Here’s how:

  • Connect your Netgear wireless extender to a power source.
  • On your computer, launch your preferred web browser.
  • Go to the Download Center of your WiFi extender.
  • Download the firmware version for your extender and save the file onto your desktop.
  • Now, access web page.
  • You can also use IP to access the Netgear extender login page.
  • Type the admin user ID and password into the given fields.
  • Hit the Log In button.
  • Next, click on the Firmware Update section.
  • Hit Browse and choose the firmware file you have earlier downloaded.
  • Finally, click on the Update button.

Wait until your Netgear extender updates its firmware. Once done, connect your device to the Netgear extender’s network and try to go online. Hopefully, the issue is now resolved for you. If not, reach out to our highly experienced technicians via the comments section.

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