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Celebrities that love casinos

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The majority of celebrities love to indulge in the high life, from red carpet events, exclusive VIP parties to the hottest bars and restaurants and another place a lot of celebrities flock to are extravagant casinos where they can gamble until their heart’s content (or until they get banned for card counting!) – join and play at www.666casino.com. Some celebrities have taken their casino hobby so seriously that they have taken it to the next level and tried to reach the professional gambling level. However, unfortunately for some, excessive gambling has led to gambling problems. Here are some of the biggest celebs who love to frequent casinos. 

Ben Affleck 

Ben Affleck is a successful and award-winning actor, director and screenwriter – is there anything he can’t do? Affleck is also known for his love of casino and gambling, blackjack and poker especially, and in 2014 he even won the California State Poker Championship! Also in 2014, Affleck was banned from playing blackjack in a casino in Las Vegas after perfecting his game so much the casino didn’t want him playing there any longer! But, as with many celebrities, gambling hasn’t always been a positive element in Affleck’s life as he checked himself into rehab back in 2001 due to his addictive behaviours towards both gambling and alcohol. He isn’t alone, as many players who drink excessively whilst playing can develop gambling problems if they aren’t responsible.  

Charlie Sheen 

Two and a Half Men star, Charlie Sheen has been known for his love of gambling, but also sadly his gambling addiction which he has battled with for many years. Sheen was a big star in his heyday and was making over $1.8 million for every episode, so he soon developed a taste for the finer things in life, which included visiting luxurious casinos. But betting on sports was where it all went from for Sheen according to his family, who said that at his low point, Sheen was spending almost $20k a week placing bets on sports leading to many losses.  

Toby Maguire 

Famous for his role as everyone’s favourite superhero, Spiderman, Maguire is also a star poker player and is known for his love of casino games. Gambling has also landed Maguire in trouble with the law back in 2011 where legal action was taken against him when he was suspected of being a part of an illegal multi-million-dollar gambling ring.  

Pamela Anderson 

It’s not just male celebs who flock to casinos, there are many female celebrities who have taken a keen interest in the casino and who love to gamble. Pamela Anderson is one such female celeb who loves gambling, particularly poker and slot games. Like many stars who have excessive disposable income, the Baywatch babe landed herself in hot water with her excessive poker playing and racked up a debt of over $250,000 in Las Vegas at one point.  

While there are many negative stories about celebrities and gambling, this has a lot to do with media attention and tabloids in particular only being interested in negative news. There are plenty of celebrities who love casinos and enjoy games like blackjack, poker and slots responsibly without getting themselves in financial or legal trouble – you just don’t hear those stories as often!

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