Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
cellphone towers

Day in and day out one notices new cellphone towers coming up randomly in residential
areas. As these towers pose serious health threats to people, it is important to create awareness that
people should not do so for a few bucks. A prolonged healthy life is worth much than such
With the massive proliferation of cellphone users in these five or six years, the service providers
are putting up their transmitters even on dilapidated buildings. Thus they are posing danger to the

The constant electromagnetic radiations from communication towers lead to cancer and also
cause neurological, cardiac, and respiratory and ophthalmology disorders.
Pre-adolescent children are more at risk than adults because of absorption of microwaves of the
frequency used in cellphones.
These extremely harmful radiations increase mitotic activity in cells of developing children and
make them more susceptible to genetic damage.

Pregnant women and fetus both are vulnerable because of the fact that the continuous
communication towers radiations react with developing embryo, the number of cells may
dangerously increase because of thermal heat, also when pregnant women use cell phones or
when illuminated with these deadly radiations.

These radiations may affect enzymes and hormonal activities. The ill effect was cited by some
residents who quoted three cases of brain tumors and an alleged case of bone cancer.
I have also read that there are some rules for ' no cell tower' over schools and hospitals but then
one can see a lot of these towers just next to the school or hospital building.

Personally, I have observed these towers sprouting in my area, i.e Dastgir. Are there any
guidelines for installation of these towers in Karachi, as my area is a residential area?
If no action is taken against these towers, it may lead to dreadful results for all of us.

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