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No couple would ever wish to divorce. But as differences continue in life, it reaches a point where they can no longer live with each other as a husband and wife.

By the time they make the hard decision of separating, they have gone through a lot of issues such that they would not want anything to blow out their minds about their marriages.

An expensive divorce process can only add pain to the separating partners and hence should be avoided at all costs. There are various ways in which people can get cheaply divorced in New York rather than spending time and money going through the process of using an Attorney.

Before deciding on the best way, there are some requirements that either party ought to fulfill to apply for divorcee in New York;

  1. Either party must have lived in New York for at least two years before filing for divorce.
  2. If married in New York, you or your spouse must have lived for one year before filing for the divorce.

iii.             The grounds of divorce must originate from New York. As such, one or both parties must be residents of New York at the time of filing for divorce.

Below are some of the accredited ways to get a cheap divorce in New York, which has effectively worked.

  1. Online Divorce Services– An Online divorce is a form of separation that is aided by professionals who carry out their services through the web. Most couples who have uncontested divorces go through effectively. The only thing that is required is to choose the online divorce service that works best for you.

It’s essential to ensure that the site has positive reviews to be sure that the process has a 100% guarantee that it would go through.

Once a person becomes eligible to use the service after a short interview, you are granted access to download the divorce papers, fill them and submit them back for review.

If the professionals are satisfied with the information provided, they will advise on submitting the divorce papers to the courts for the judges to go through and determine the case.

This is an inexpensive method where one files for divorce over the internet without an attorney.

In any case, the purpose of a cheap way of divorce is to save on that cost that could otherwise have been exploited by the lawyer unnecessarily.

Several sites offer online divorce in New York. One is given an option to prioritize the best based on the cost of divorce in terms of application fees that each one of the charges, reviews and approval guarantee. More about online divorce in New York here:



  1. Mediation;

This is the divorce process whereby a neutral party comes in to help in aspects that bring contentious issues during the annulment process.  The mediator stands a neutral ground and advice on both parties even as they make decisions relating to their separation.

So long as the mediator is an experienced person in matters relating to families, then it does not matter whether he is a qualified lawyer or not.

Among the advantages of mediation include;

  • Maintaining a long term relationship even after marriage which could work for better when it comes to the growth of the children.
  • Since there will be no fights and disagreements in courts, the process is shortened, and in the same case, expenses are reduced. All that is required is for the couple to come together and put in writing an agreement on issues that were contested and forge the way forward to a successful divorce process.

However, some circumstances do not go well in mediation and more so if one of the partners feels intimidated by the decisions made during the drawing of the agreement.

The New York Courts website gives a detailed overview of how mediation should be done to completion, but all in all, it stands an inexpensive method that is worth considering.

More about divroce mediation in New York here:

  1. Do It Yourself Divorce;

In New York, do it yourself is allowed only for uncontested divorces. When the divorcing couples have agreed on the contentious issues such as child custody, financial settlement, assets division and alimony, then they can effectively file for the break up using the Do it Yourself method.

It can be accomplished in a more relaxed and inexpensive way.

The only thing that is required in New York is to know the county to apply for divorce.

It’s also essential to confirm with the court clerk about the eligibility of your divorce to proceed in the processing of the divorce papers.

However, for confidentiality and ensuring that the documents are filed as required, each of the parties needs to have their lawyer reviewing the documents before submission to the courts.

Find more here:

  1. Collaborative Divorce;

Whenever a couple agrees to work together and come up with a divorce settlement plan without necessarily going to court, then this is referred to as a collaborative divorce.

The separating couples decide on the way forward to end their marriage. They can opt to hire a lawyer; in this case, each one of them hires a different one to advise them in terms of negotiating and coming up with an amicable divorce agreement.

Hiring a financial planner, in this case, works effectively as well since he/ she will be able to advise on neutral ground on how the accumulated wealth can be divided, without favoring either of the sides.

In New York, this method works well where the marriage break up process was contested and the couples could not reach an agreement. If the process works well, then the couples must visit the courts and ensure that the judge administers the judgment for them to be termed as legally separated.

This is a far more affordable method since the agreement is made on the ground, and the lawyers are not participating in any way when it comes to submission of the divorce documents to the judges.

However, if the marriage had deep financial complications, the method does not work effectively.

In case it does not work, the attorneys hired will not be responsible for the outcome and will step down for the couple to come up with new attorneys or decide otherwise.

More here:

When all this is said, it is essential to note that even though these cheap methods are allowed in New York, one ought to check and keep away from them in the case;

  1. Either you or your partner are addicted to alcohol and not prone to making reliable decisions.
  2. You have faced abuse in the past.
  3. There is any form of suspicion that one spouse has some hidden and undisclosed finances.


Among the most painful decisions to make when breaking a marriage are issues relating to child custody, asset division, and financial settlement.

Couples also long for the process to end since they are tired of seeing each other.

As such, it’s essential to take into account the cost involved and the time, sober up and work out on the contentious issues, and this will ensure that the way you decide to end a marriage will be less stressful in terms of financial obligations.

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