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The regional transport office or Regional Transport Authority is the organization of the Indian government that stores the database of all types of vehicles that are registered within the Indian territory. The portal has a huge database of around 1000+ RTO offices all around the country. This is inclusive of the 200 million vehicles and the 50+ parameters of a vehicle.  Before you buy a vehicle, it is crucial to check the RTO Vehicle Information that can tell a lot about the used vehicle. The market of the used bike is growing day by day which means more people are showing trust in used vehicles. But that trust has grown due to the fact that you can check vehicle history online with just a few clicks.

If you want to buy a used car or a used bike then the portal will be extremely beneficial to you as you can verify the details of any vehicle at free of cost.

It is important to check the bike registration details history as it will help you to verify the authenticity of the vehicle information which is provided by the seller.

By checking the history of the vehicle, you can know whether the vehicle is blacklisted or not. Also, a vehicle’ history certificate can verify the number of owners a used vehicle has had in the past. You can check whether there is any ongoing loan on a vehicle.

In short by checking a vehicle’ history you can save yourself from any fraudulent and shady dealings and avoid getting dupped with wrong information.

The entire process is surprisingly easy as it is completed in mere 3 simple steps.  The first step is to enter the vehicle’s registration number which would then show up a detailed history certificate of the vehicle. The report generated is truly unbiased as the information generated is provided by the RTO (Regional Transport Office).  The report can be further downloaded and shared if you want to share it with someone else. The option to share proves to be very handy in case you want an opinion of your friend or an expert.  You can get a basic RTO vehicle certificate that has the basic details about a vehicle at free of cost. If you want to dig deeper into the vehicle details, then you can get detailed information about a vehicle just by paying a nominal fee.

The paid version gives you details on about 50 different aspects of a vehicle like theft history, insurance status, accidental history and so on. The detailed information about a vehicle can give you a fair idea about the condition of a vehicle.

The online portal has records of over 200 million + vehicles, and data of more than 1000 RTO’s.

You can search for not just private vehicles but also commercial vehicles as well.

In short, checking a vehicle’s information online is very important as it helps you to crosscheck the facts provided by the seller.

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