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If you are buying furniture for your patio so that you can enjoy the balmy summer evenings with family and friends, you will not be alone. It can be a good decision to protect your investment by purchasing high-quality covers so that they keep looking like new for years. However, as you soon find out, there is a large variety of patio furniture covers, and choosing the best can be a little complicated unless you know what to look out for. Some practical tips that will save you both effort and money:

What Kind of Protection Does your Outdoor Furniture Require? 

The covers you should be looking at should be capable of protecting your valuable furniture against the weather conditions they are expected to face. For example, if you live in a place that receives very harsh sunlight during the summer months, you should be looking at covers that have a high resistance to UV radiation that can otherwise cause your furniture to fade and become brittle. Likewise, if you reside in an area that sees very high rainfall, you need to look out for waterproof covers so that your wooden furniture does not swell and rot.

If you place your furniture below trees or there are a large number of insects in your area, you will do well to buy a cover with a tight weave or fine mesh to prevent the tree sap or bird droppings from seeping through. According to, bird droppings are very corrosive and can damage your furniture. The material of your furniture also should play an important role in the selection of the cover.

Pay Attention to the Material

The nature of the material of the outdoor furniture covers will dictate the degree of protection your furniture will get. Luckily, you can get furniture covers in a large variety of materials, and you can take your pick depending on the extent of protection required and the price you are ready to pay. Vinyl is a popular material because it is waterproof, lightweight as well as affordable. However, it cannot breathe, and it may result in moisture pooling inside and corroding the furniture. Polyester is another popular material because it is water-resistant and a breathable fabric that allows the water vapor to escape and prevent the formation of mold and mildew. It is not only lightweight but also dries quickly and can be treated in various ways for resistance to UV radiation, waterproofing, flame resistance, and insulation. Canvas is also ideal for furniture covers because it is durable, waterproof, and can be treated with various additives for special performance features. Plastic covers are used widely because they are very cheap, but they do not last long. Additionally, they do not breathe and become brittle easily when exposed to extremes of temperature.


It is important not to get confused by the huge choice of furniture covers but to pick ones depending on the kind of protection required and the kind of longevity you desire. You should also pay attention to buying the covers of the right size and ensure that they have ties and fasteners to prevent them from blowing off.


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