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Common Security False Alarms

ADT is one of the renowned home burglar alarm systems, but the fact is that a large percentage of burglar alarms received from such systems are nothing more than False Alarms. Security alarms are meant to ward off intruders and prevent break-ins and crimes. But when most of these alarms are false, surveillance staff, police and homeowners stop taking them seriously. As a result, they fail to react even to a genuine security alarm. 

Want to get rid of False Alarms? Look for ADT alternatives that have a better system to detect and prevent them. Here, you will find some common security False Alarms and how these alternatives help prevent them.

Alarms Set Off by Animals

Insects and pet animals are responsible for setting off a large percentage of False Alarms. The security system may detect an insect in the house and set off the alarm. Sometimes, pets may also trigger the alarm sensors. Other common causes may be a bird being attracted to the alarm’s lights, or a curious stray animal pressing its nose against the window, thereby triggering the motion detector and setting off the alarm.

To prevent this, ensure that your security system’s motion sensors are positioned above the waist level so that they do not get triggered by pets. Some modern ADT alternatives have sensors that also have pet immunity that you can set to ignore pet movements.

Alarms Due to Low Batteries

The sensors may trigger False Alarms when their batteries are low. Although an alarm system must send a warning when its battery is low, you may forget to change the batteries until police arrive at your home due to a False Alarm. To prevent this:

  1. Get your equipment checked regularly and ensure that all of its systems are correctly working.
  2. During these check-ups, look for battery levels in your system and replace batteries if needed.
  3. Remember, a low battery may not only trigger a False Alarm but also fail to work when your home security is at risk.

Alarms Due to Unsecured Doors and Windows

If your windows or doors do not close properly, they may trigger a False Alarm at times. Some security systems are highly sensitive. Whenever something disturbs the door or window, even rain or wind, it may trigger an alarm. 

To prevent this, get your doors and windows repaired to ensure proper locking. Press your closed doors and windows and jiggle their knobs. If they move over 2 inches past their pane or frame, you need to get them repaired.

Alarms Triggered by Guests Who Were Unaware of Your System

You know how your security system works and how to trigger its alarm whenever needed. But guests who come to meet you may not be familiar with your security system. They may unintentionally trigger the alarm or out of curiosity.

To prevent this, train your visitors and inform them about the security system. Tell them not to mishandle the equipment and ask children not to play with it. 

Alarms Due to System Issues

Sometimes, the security system may trigger a False Alarm due to a technical issue. Loose connections, low batteries, and wireless interference may all be guilty of triggering the alarm. Power interruptions during high winds and storms may also set off the glass break detector, blow open a door, or trip a motion sensor, thereby triggering the alarm.

To prevent this, stay updated about your system’s maintenance and keep an eye on any technical glitches.

Replace Your Security System

If your system keeps sending False Alarms even after all the precautionary measures mentioned above, it’s probably time to look for alternatives. Modern security systems that work by Artificial Intelligence are possible ADT alternatives to traditional burglar alarms. With features like massive memory, long battery life, motion detection sensors, and weatherproof body, these security systems are easy to install, consume minimum space, attractive in design, and ensure safety in all aspects.

These systems can differentiate between a potential threat and a common movement and prevent false alarms effectively. By sending genuine alarms every time, they ensure security and proper action from the authorities.

A security system is meant to give you peace of mind even when you are away from home. It is like having someone keeping an eye on your house security when you are not there. But having a glitchy system with frequent false alarms does not help and is not adequate to provide comprehensive security to your home. 

Thus, it’s best to opt for modern alternatives. Home security systems equipped with Artificial Intelligence and modern technology can detect potential threats in time and trigger security alarms only when needed.

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