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Paintings have been part of every culture around the world from time immemorial. A picture portrays the depth of imagination of an artist.

Paintings are made out of colors which can be acrylic, watercolors or oil. Some other Artists love working with charcoal, chalk, etc. The most famous painting of all time is Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci.

It takes creativeness of mind and sharpness of his hands as well to make a painting widely known and appreciated. Nowadays, people are much more interested in buying Vaastu and feng-shui paintings. These paintings are known to bring prosperity, success, and growth to our living.

Some of the lucky paintings are bamboo paintings, fish paintings, the seven horses, flowers, birds and water paintings and a lot more.

Bamboo and water paintings are known to bring abundance in your life while seven horses are considered for growth, success, and confidence, flowers to bring happiness, birds to improve relationships. While there are some paintings which are considered unlucky such as abstract paintings without any meaning are considered unlucky and can bring bad luck to your home. Similarly, hurt animals or fire elements are known to convey sadness.

 Therefore to hang a painting once should consider a feng-shui expert.

Paintings and artists, the paintings of artists, are kept in the gallery where art lovers can have a look at the intricate design and understand the implication of the mind of an artist. These galleries charge about a monthly fee, or it can be annually as well to showcase your paintings. Therefore, there is an eventual reduction of price paid to the artist, and all artists could not bear such enormous expenses to be paid hence look for specific other offline or online sites to sell their paintings. To remove this obstacle and connect with the artist around you, we have introduced an App “ iamhere App.”

one should consider using iamhere App where you can share your paintings and the buyers can connect to the artist and further conversation can be made through the App itself.

The App has a user-friendly interface, and one can easily download it from the play store and use it. Not only painters you can look for interests near you if there is an event going on or chat with your neighbors going anonymous and much more.

So what are you waiting for? Quickly install the App and start using it. In no time you can connect to anyone you want to go anonymous and a lot more.

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Frequently asked questions

1. What is Iamhereapp?

It is a hyperlocal social network to discover, connect and engage all like-minded.


2. What are the benefits of iamhere AppApp?

You can connect to professionals around you, chat with neighbors without disclosing the identity, join events nearby, ask questions, and the ongoing promotions.


3. Iamhere app is open to which communities?

It is available to all whether it is an art community, food, fitness, social causes, cooking, and the list is endless.

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