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Scalp Pigmentation

Micro Scalp Pigmentation is a topical procedure performed on your scalp to fake the appearance of thicker hair. This procedure is much similar to the common art of tattoo making. Scalp micro-pigmentation uses an electric tattoo device to fill the desired area on the scalp with colored micro-pigments for a denser hair look. 

This procedure is usually required by people facing hair loss or hair thinning due to some health issues or old age. Micro scalp pigmentation is done on the hairline or scalp according to preference and requirement. 

Getting a scalp micro-pigmentation has greatly helped people deal with their confidence level. Most people feel under-confident when they start to face hair loss, this method has helped many people across the world with gaining back their confidence. 

Difference Between Scalp Micro-Pigmentation and Hair Transplant 

Hair transplant is a procedure in which skin drafting is done on the scalp to help with hair growth. This method helps increase hair growth and deal with hair loss. This procedure is very expensive to perform and usually lasts for many years. 

On the other hand, scalp micro-pigmentation does not help with hair growth, it is only a way to imitate the look of denser hair by tattooing your scalp. This procedure is comparatively very cheaper and easy to manage. With fewer sessions and much less pain caused, scalp micro-pigmentation is much more preferred by clients. 

5 Things to Consider Before Getting Scalp Micro-Pigmentation 

Here are 5 common factors to consider before planning to get a scalp micro-pigmentation: 

How Long Does The Procedure Take? 

The result of scalp micro-pigmentation can be seen immediately, but still, the practitioner would take about 2-3 sessions for giving the best results. The number of sessions mostly depends on the volume of the area treated. 

How Long Does it Last? 

With proper care, a scalp tattoo can last up to several years. But similarly to tattoos, it may require some touchups and refresh after some time. To maintain your scalp tattoo some precautionary measures should be followed like minimum sun exposure, covering your head in excessive heat and cold. 

Does it Help With Hair Growth? 

Scalp micro-pigmentation does not help with hair growth. It is a form of tattoo for the scalp to get a fake image of thicker denser hair or shaven head look.  

Does Getting Scalp Micro-Pigmentation Damaged Hair Follicles? 

Scalp micro-pigmentation does not interfere or damage any hair follicles. In fact, that tattoos are placed in between the follicles to complete the denser hair look. 

Does The Procedure Hurt? 

A numbing lotion is applied to the scalp before starting the procedure. It helps minimize the sensation of pain, but there can be some irritation or discomfort.  


Besides giving services of scalp tattoo, most clinics and treatment centers also offer Scalp micro pigmentation training. The training, as well as the treatments, are done by professional practitioners with years of experience in this work. 

Scalp micro-pigmentation is gaining very popular nowadays, as people are becoming more self-conscious and concerned about their looks.

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