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One of the biggest challenges many students face in their academic life is having to write an essay or research paper. Here, just a few sentences to explain a concept won’t do. To keep a reader interest in what you are saying, you need to have good organization, use logic and order.

These are the three categories of writing. That includes crafting a custom essay. Due to the intensity and sometimes frustrating nature of descriptive writing topics, it is possible to feel stuck in a rut.

However, the below tools will help you maneuver the writing process with ease:

Useful Writing Tools for Students

  1. Paperpile- Organize your research

This tool allows you to create a research library where you collect all relevant sources to the investigation. You can write as you search for appropriate materials, too. Also, you can share your library with other people in your reading list.

It imports data directly from thousands of its supported publisher sites. That includes PubMed, Google Scholar, and ArXiv. You can also add comments and highlight important parts of the documents you collect.

  1. Focus Writer- Freedom from Distractions

A piece of common advice you will find when writing an essay paper, or just writing something, is to, just do it. In that, you don’t have to wait for inspiration to strike. Without motivation, it becomes easier to succumb to distractions.

This tool will help you stay on track with your writing exercise. You can also set goals such as the number of word count or amount of time you want to spend writing that paper. However, you won’t be able to edit the work you’ve already written.

  1. Scrivner- Create a Cohesive Paper

It is also a useful tool for an academic writer. It helps you order any fragmented ideas, take notes, collect relevant research information, as you view the research alongside your writing.

You will achieve this by splitting the editor. So that your research material and where you compose text, are side by side.

Software for Polishing your Essay

  1. Paper Rater- Grammar and Plagiarism Checker

It is an all-in-one tool for your Grammar and Plagiarism needs. Since it’s on the cloud, all you need is a device connected to the internet to access it. You also have to indicate your level of education and type of paper.

It allows the system to make recommendations based on the information provided.

  1. Canva- create powerful designs

Sometimes you need beautiful images to spice up your material. Here’s where Canva comes in. It allows you to create impressive graphics that may help you convey your message more efficiently.

You don’t have to be a professional designer to enjoy its features. Novice designers can also create and organize their designs professionally and enticingly.

Final Advice on Essay Writing Tools

Many tools can make your essay writing woes come to an end. The list above isn’t just useful for Concordia mature student but may come in handy for all students. All you need is to understand what you need to solve a particular writing problem and find an appropriate tool that works.

Also, ensure that you proofread your work. A suitable tool for this is Grammarly. However, you can opt for the Paper Rater which also checks for instances of plagiarism. Find whatever tool that works for you and don’t be afraid to use it.

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