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Cyber attacks/ Security breaches are moving to the next level with increasing data availability over the internet.  Moreover, ransomware attacks, identity spoofing attacks, and various other hazardous attacks.  In the last two to three years, these attacks have witnessed a declined economy worldwide.  Especially, the global IT, banking and financial service providers are severely impacted by these cyber attacks in terms of both valuable data and financials.

As we all know that the count of cyber attacks has increased during the past few years. According to the Kaspersky Lab, an international cyber security and anti-virus service provider, approximately 758 million cyber attacks have violated the businesses in 2016 and he also stated that 2019 will break this record with increasing intruder activities. User personal information, industrial product information, service provider’s client information, what-else everything can be hacked by cyber attacks.  But the end results are same either loss of sensitive data or huge financial loss.

Cyber Attacks

Now, how cyber attacks are greatly impacting the businesses irrespective of their size:

Loss of Electronic/Digital Data:  A cyber-attack breaks into system and damages significant electronic or digital file stored in the system. For instance, malware can damage sales records, client data logs and make them unusable. In addition, they can also modify/alter the original data and completely damages old invoices.

Business Have to Spend Huge Expenses: If your information system has been hacked, then you must incur huge extra expenses to keep your organization running. I’ll just explain a scenario. If an intruder breaks your two information systems and demands you money to retrieve your information then it leads to huge expenses. Accordingly, if the hacker attacks any of your main systems and demands you to buy new systems to run your business, this might have a chance of increasing your business expenses.

Income Loss: A cyber-attack might cause an income loss. A denial of service attack makes your business system unavailable to your customers for a few days. If it goes on, your clients approach competitor’s sites and lead to huge income lose.

Breaks Your Network Security and Privacy

With implementing advanced hacking techniques, intruders are trying to break your network security. Protecting networks from intruders is a stiff challenge stood in-front of any organization. By recognizing vulnerable areas, hackers break your entire business network and interrupt your services.

However, using SEIM and some other advanced network monitoring solutions an ethical hacker can overcome this scenario.  A certified ethical hacker can detect network and system vulnerabilities and can defend them from intruder attacks.

Identity Theft

An intruder can steal your identity information and will misuse it unless you pay it. A ransom can enter into your system mostly in two ways including direct attack or through downloads. You may accidentally download ransomware by opening infected E-mail. Once you download it, the malware encrypts your identity information data. You cannot retrieve your information, until and unless you pay to that ransomware.

However, if you are an expert in ethical hacking, you can overcome this by using IAM (Identity and Access Management) solution. Kernel Training providing CEH training in Hyderabad covers each and every concept you required to stand-up in emerging ethical hacking field.

Cyber Attacks Damage Your Brand

By stealing information and other products and service offerings of a business, a cyber-attack can damage the brand reputation in the market. As the intruders involve in misusing your offerings, significant customers will not show interest to do business with your company, they will lose their belief on your. Finally, yours business will be marked as fraud.


These are the few of the major impacts of Cyber-attacks in real-time. To overcome these consequences, organizations are increasingly hiring certified ethical hacking professionals. If you have skills of advanced ethical hacking and a globally recognized certification, then you can improve your career excel in this field.

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