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A hip replacement surgery can be a procedure that relieves a great deal of pain for patients. It can also provide one with a great deal of mobility. In some cases, a Hip Replacement surgery may have to have a revision. When this happens, you may qualify for a Hip Replacement settlement.

Hip replacement surgery complications can be a big deal for patients. After all, the hip is a joint that we rely on for a great deal. If something goes wrong during the procedure, it can be extremely difficult for a patient to get through. Reasons:

There are a number of reasons as to why hip replacement surgery may go wrong. As for hip replacement revision surgery, a lot of these complications involve what the patient was going in for in the first place.


Some of the complications that may occur as a result of a hip replacement surgery are as follows.

Post-operative infection

Hip replacement revision surgery

Failure of the joint (some people experience loosening of the replacement)

Blood clot

Nerve problems.

These complications can leave a patient with a lot of pain and, at times, a lot of uncertainty about what to do. Fortunately, there are a few things that a person can do to try and make the situation better.


Hip replacement surgery pain can be experienced post-operatively by the patient. This is a result of damage to the soft tissue and the nerves.

What to do:

Relax as much as possible

Use ice packs to reduce swelling

Elevate the painful area

Take pain medications

Try to get as much rest as possible

Try to move around as much as possible

Try to stay positive.

Surgeries are scary, and so are complications that come with them. Before going into surgery, you should check if you have insurance. If you or your employer use Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance, you may qualify for compensation due to a recent settlement that was reached.

If you have had hip replacement surgery, you may be experiencing a lot of pain. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to reduce pain and ensure that the situation does not get out of control.

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