Debunking the Top 4 Myths About Personal Injury Law

The main purpose of personal injury law is to protect people who have been harmed by the negligent actions of other people. When you are hurt by the fault of another person, you can get compensation for the losses you have suffered. Therefore, when handling a personal injury case, it is vital to work with the best New Jersey personal injury lawyers to ensure you get the right compensation. Just like any other type of law, personal injury law has several myths that tend to confuse many people. This post will debunk these four myths to help you understand the right steps to take when you have an injury case.

You Have All the Time to File Your Personal Injury Claim

Many people are tempted to deal with their injuries first and go after the wrongdoer after they heal. This is one wrong step. This law has statutes of limitations on the amount of time you have before the eligibility of your claim expires. The period you have to file the claim differs in states and with the type of injuries you have incurred. Cases like wrongful death, negligence, product liability, medical negligence, and uninsured motorist claim come with different statutes of limitations. It is, therefore, advisable to know when your period expires and file for the claim immediately after the accident.

It isn’t Worth to Claim for Small Injuries

Most people believe that minor damages don’t make a difference in a case. What you need to know is that the extent of the injury is not a factor that should determine whether you should file the claim or not. A minor injury can use a lot of money to treat, or it may even become worse in the future. Therefore, regardless of the injuries you incur, it is crucial to work with a personal injury lawyer to help you get rewarded.

A Lawyer is Not Important If You Have Insurance

This myth has made many people lose their cases and compensations. Just because you have insurance does not mean you should not use the help of a lawyer. The aim of insurance companies is to make profits, and they will do everything they can to pay you less money or even not pay you at all. Therefore, you need to have an attorney to represent you. The expert knows the law and how to handle these companies on your behalf to ensure you get properly compensated.

Cases Take Very Long Before Settlement

Some people will shun off the thought of filing a personal injury claim since they hear that the cases take too long. One crucial thing you need to know is that the duration of a personal injury claim varies depending on other variables in the case. Yes, most cases can take years if they are complicated, but a lawyer can help you ensure your case is complete no matter how long it takes.

The Takeaway!

These are four myths that usually mislead people when dealing with personal injury cases. It is crucial to stay informed and seek the right help from our lawyer when you need to file a personal injury claim.

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