Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

If you came across a recently updated application in the Samsung Galaxy smartphone known as DECO PIC Do not be concerned it was not installed with your permission and is not an indication of malware attack. It’s merely a shortcut to the default camera feature which has been present for years however, it’s one that Samsung is trying to highlight more.

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The more precise way to do this is Deco Pic can be reached through the AR section in the camera application. You’ll have to navigate an intricate set of menus as well as submenus in order to reach the app, and it appears that Samsung thought it was time to streamline the process to make it easier. In essence, Deco Pic is the “AR mode” of the camera app. By clicking the icon, users can add stickers, objects that are three-dimensional as well as writings in the image that is framed by the viewfinder. Deco Pic also includes an integrated store from which users can download fresh stickers, animations, as well as other material.

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