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Internet is massive and consists of different websites that are hidden out there and not accessible through usual internet. There are various deep web sites that cannot be accessed through search engines such as Google, Bing or yahoo. The deep web is full of creepy secrets that not everyone is aware about. It is the part of the Internet which is hidden from cyber world. Deep web may sound to be consisting of interesting information that everyone should be aware about but it consists of more than just interesting information.

Dark Part of Deep Web

Deep web is huge and the part of internet which we access is merely 5-10% of it. Many websites are out there that are hidden from us and can be accessed through specialized software like TOR (The Onion Router). Deep web consists of heinous, creepy and shady stuff that will completely blow your mind. Not many people are aware about deep web secrets and what are the things that are lying there. The Dark web is part of Deep web and it consists of lot of illegal and dangerous information which can be part of criminal activity.

Are you inquisitive to know about Deep Web Secrets?

It requires a lot of control to not to go deep into the stuff. If you are still inquisitive to know then here are some of the creep deep web stories that would blow your mind. If you are a light hearted person then you must not continue reading this further.

How to cook Human Meat on Deep web

This is one of the stories which is most disturbing and explains how ruthless or sick minded people explore. You can imagine how creepy this sounds if you come to know about a website that tells you a recipe to cook human meat. Yes, this is true and it is a story that amazes everyone. There is one story on deep web that provides information how to cut human flesh into pieces while the human being is still alive. Thinking about such information can give you nightmares for weeks. If you are concerned about knowing further, just browse through TOR and you will come to know how much sick minded people live in deep web society.

“I see you”

This one liner can give you nightmares. What if you see a message on your computer screen that tells “We see you” or “I see you”? How difficult it would for anyone to be able to cooperate under these circumstances. That person who has sent this message may be hacking into your system or able to access your webcam. Just imagine how scary and creepy it would be to know that someone is able to track your personal information. We all know that deep web is not secure so you never know if someone hacks you if you are not having secure access. Deep web is filled with such creepy stories and you don’t know where you fall trap to one such story.

Don’t Click this Message

Yet another creepy story about deep web that many people have explained is related to a pretty random message that appears on their screen or while exploring that says “Don’t Click on this message” and then if you click on it then a creepy video starts and in the end another message displays “You better start running”. This can easily make you go insane. You don’t know how to react. It is a normal human reaction to get attracted to such messages over internet or become quite inquisitive to know about what lies beneath the message. Therefore, if you find any random messages or suspicious websites while browsing deep web then you ensure that you don’t click such links as they may access your personal data.

Getting a Random Phone Call

Another creepy stories laid on deep web is that says that people get a call from an unknown number while exploring over deep web but no one answers from the other side. In few creepy stories, a heavy and weird voice responds in a laugh. It has happened with few people and can easily freak anyone out. A thought of such a situation can easily scare you.

Weird Unexplained Images on Deep Web

Another creepy story about a website on deep web says that as the person explores deep web, he figures out a link that says, “Check this out for new people on deep web” and if you click the link then brings out weird unexplained images consisting of blood and other creepy stuff. It can easily make a normal person puke out in such circumstances. If you see such kind of messages then you should refrain from clicking on them or trying to explore them.




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