Definitive Guide To Glaucoma
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Definitive Guide To Glaucoma: Everything You Need To Know

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There are plenty of diseases that can affect your eyes and lead to blindness. Hence, it is essential to remain aware and get diagnosed at the right time. Early detection has often become the key to better treatment. For this, you must diagnose the issue first hand and then look for the ideal treatment. 

In this article, we are going to discuss more regarding an eye issue, called glaucoma. This Glaucoma guide will help in understanding this significant eye ailment, its symptoms and possible treatments. Without a further ado, let’s get into the details. 

What is Glaucoma?

It is a type of eye disease that directly affects your optic nerve leading to blindness in the long run. The damage to eyes is caused by internal eye pressure and increase in it. Different types of glaucoma differ according to age, sex and other conditions. It is also found that glaucoma runs in the family, so if a person has this eye disease, it is highly likely that his/her children will develop it later. 

People suffering from glaucoma cannot witness any early symptoms that can lead to other complications. Those diagnosed with this eye disease have to go through regular eye examination to sustain their vision. 

What Are The Symptoms Of Glaucoma?

Glaucoma has more non-symptoms than the actual symptoms, and that’s why people call it “silent thief of the night”. You might never know you suffer from this disease until the prevention of glaucoma is difficult. Here are a few major symptoms that can be detected:

  • Decreases contrast sensitivity
  • Peripheral vision loss
  • Chronic eye pain

What Are The Causes of Glaucoma?

Aqueous humour is a fluid that flows through your eye; it is a mesh channel that keeps your eye hydrated. When that channel is blocked or the fluid production increases, the liquid will start building up in your eyes. Eye experts are not sure what causes this liquid buildup; it can be inherited from the family. 

Some of the less common causes are injuries, eye infections, blocked blood vessels, or inflammatory conditions. Eye surgery might be required to treat such situations. The causes of glaucoma are quite not clear today that often makes the treatment difficult. All you can do is be vigilant of any changes in your eye condition and get it tested. 

What Are The Risk Factors of Glaucoma?

This eye disease generally occurs above 40 years of age. However, there have been cases when young adults and infants have been affected by it. Here are some of the major risk factors of glaucoma:

  • Poor vision
  • Farsighted or nearsighted
  • Diabetes
  • Steroid medications
  • Drugs for bladder control, or seizures
  • Eye injuries
  • Thinner corneas
  • Blood pressure, heart disease, or cell anaemia
  • High eye pressure

The Bottom Line

Glaucoma can be treated with medications or surgeries, but it is essential to detect the issue at the earliest. Never ignore the symptoms given by your eye that leads to severe issues like glaucoma. This guide will help you in understanding the necessary information about this eye disease. 

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